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President Message :

Dear Comrades, This is a great honour for me that you have elected me as the President of the mighty Association i.e AIBSNLEA,Odisha Circle. I will assure to provide service to our members in my highest capacity, of course with in my limitations. I have only one request to every body- let us rise above our personal and local problems and think for BSNL which provides our daily bread and living. While many states in India make losses, Odisha Circle has shown profit. This shows to what extent we are more devoted to productivity in BSNL than our personal gains. It is high time for self introspection by every body how to drive BSNL in the path of profit in this competitive era. SARAT CH.PRADHAN,President,

Secretary Message :
B.D. Mishra

Dear Comrades, I am thankful to you all for your confidence in me by electing me unanimously as Circle Secretary. I must try my level best to be with you and I pledge to act for the interest of the members and the organization to the best of my efforts. I believe to get all of your co-operation and co-ordination with a view to make our Association strong and sort out any kind of problem for the smooth running of our Organization as well as the Department. I, therefore expect your helping hand so that I may be able to carry out the assignments and challenging works in my capacity as Circle secretary. B D Mishra, Circle Secy.

News & Event

06.10.2015 : The 1st Circle office bearers meeting was held on 3rd OCTOBER 2015 at 6:00 PM at DSB, Sahidnagar,BBSR I.Q. premises.Sri S.K.Jena, AGS was also present .Com. Sri S.C.Pradhan, President & Com. Sri B.D.Mishra, Circle Secretary welcomed all the newly elected circle office bearers. Following resolutions adopted in the meeting:-

1) Membership drive: All D.Ss are requested to take initiative for converting un-paid members to Paid members by subscribing monthly quota through ERP . A Committee comprising of President, Ex.Circle Secy.-Cum-CWC member & Financial Secy. is formed to look into the matter & prepare the DATA BASE.

2) Circle office bearers’ meeting to be held once in every month till Dec’2015 & thereafter the periodicity of the meeting will be reviewed.

3) Revival of BSNL: All members appreciated the concern “Grow the organization to grow yourself”. Various deficiencies of the administration i.e. Slow decision making process, Lack of forecasting of demand or any other situation, gap in procurement & requisitions, indifferent attitude towards customers, delay in FTTH services, non-deployment of proper man-power in proper posts etc., which are root cause of BSNL loss are discussed in detail & it has been decided to invite suggestions from all the members for revival of BSNL. All innovative ideas for improving our service & enhancing customer’s delight and simultaneously measures to plug the loopholes if revenue loss will be placed before the administration for implementation. It need arises & in this regard a SEMINAR can also be arranged.

At last the meeting was ended with vote of thanks by Sri C.Pujari, ACS (Elect)

05.10.2015 : Mr. BENUDHAR PATRA, DET(ETR), BHUBANESWAR AND Vice president of AIBSNLEA Odisha Circle has been nominated by BSNL Corporate office, New Delhi as CHIEF REFEREE TO CONDUCT 15TH ALL INDIA BSNL TABLE TENNIS TOURNAMENT TO BE HELD AT CHANDIGARH FROM 06/10/2015.Congratulation .

03.10.2015 : 5TH CIRCLE CONFERENCE OF AIBSNLEA, ODISHA CIRCLE HELD ON 26.09.2015 at RTTC, Bhubaneswar and Open Session on 27.09.2015 at  Hotel Keshari, Bhubaneswar: click Here to Download.

03.10.2015 : Organisation Chart click Here to Download.

23.09.2015 : The notification for Circle Conference on 26th and 27th September 2015 is issued. The venue is Seminar hall of RTTC Bhubaneswar and HOTEL KESHARI BHUBANESWAR. CEC members,Branch Secretaries, Delegates and Members are requested to reach on time as per agenda . Out of station members are requested to contact branch secy Bhubaneswar Mr. Sarat Pradhan for accomodation. click for notice and Agenda.

13.09.14:Circle Secy,President and Fin.secy Bhubaneswar Com. Choudhury met Sri G C Bidica Adl. GM(ETP) and dicussed regarding the recovery of pay of some JAOs due to the pressure of DGM(Fin) ETP. CS also discussed with DGM(Fin) ETP Kolkata and protest the stand taken for recovery of pay. DGM(Fin) assured to stop the recovery for time being.

13.09.2014: Circle Secy, President and CWC Member attended CWC at Hyderabad.

11.09.2014 : Due to the Software problem the Website could not be updated regularly.

15.07.2014:Meeting Will Be held at Doorsanchar Bhawan IQ , Unit-9 on 15th July`2014(Tuesday) at 5.30pmNOTICE

12.07.2014: All District Secretaries must update their membership register & keep maintaining in hard copy . Also soft copy of Membership Register may be sent to Circle Secretary through e-mail before 25.07.2014 on the basis of paid membership. 

All are requested to gear up actively to increase the membership by adopting suitable activities at SSA level as membership verification likely to be held in DECEMBER-2014.Subscription up to JULY -2014 - as decided in CWC meeting may be collected from members immediately and deposit CHQ QUOTA & CIRCLE QUOTA to Finance Secretary before 15.07.2014, so that the same can be remitted to CHQ during the CWC meeting to be held on 21.08.2014 to 23.08.2014 at Hyderabad.

05.07.2014: CS along with AGS CHQ Sh. S K Jena met CE(Electrical) discussed regarding the irregularities of Sambalpur electrical division. SE(Electrical) also present in the meeting. Both SE & CE realize the problems and assured it will not be repeated in future and action will be taken against the erring officers. Tenure transfer case of SDE/JTO of Koraput & Bolangir discussed in the meeting CE(Elec.) assured to look into it positively.

25.06.2014: CS along with President met CGMT Odisha and discussed regarding regular posting of Circle IFA. CGM assured he will take up the case with ED(Finance). We also requested to expedite the looking arrangement of CAO & AO. Transfer case of Sh. P K Das, SDE Koraput discussed in the meeting, CGM mention that he will look into it.

05.04.2014: CGMT Odisha has congratulated all the staff of Odisha BSNL for their whole hearted service to the Dept so that Odisha BSNL has achieved 4% growth of profit during last financial year. Let us pledge to keep in the same line of growth.

01.04.2014: CMD BSNL is on official tour to Odisha for last 2 days. AIBSNLEA was offered with a meet in his camp office at Hotel Mayfair lagoon. circle President Com. K. N. Sahoo, Circle Secy Com. R. K. Panda met him with a flower bookey. CMD BSNL first congratulated all the executives for their endeavour for making the Odisha circle a profit making one. He assured that all issues for Odisha executives will be well looked into. A memorandum that was prepared in consultation with the Gen secy was submitted to him. He gave a through read and discussed. Importance was given in 147case, 270 case and 206case. He pointed out that a number of courte cases are forcing BSNL not to implement some genuine demands of AIBSNLEA. But CS mentioned that there was ample scope for the BSNL management to implement the courte judgement in right time. He assured that during coming promotions 147 beneficieries will not be considered till courte gives final judgements. It was a very fruitful discussion. Memorandum. Photo-1 , Photo-2 , Photo-3 , Photo-4 , Photo-5.

23.03.2014: The CEC at Bhubaneswar started with the flag hoisting by com. K. N. Sahoo-the circle President in presence of the Org secy (E) com. B. Bhattacharjee, C.S. Com. R. K. Panda. and other branch secy, President and delegates. Then the welcome address was given by com. S. C. Pradhan, branch secy of Bhubaneswar branch. It got followed by the inagural speech by the circle President. In his speech he highlighted on the important role of our AIBSNLEA in solving the cadre issues effectively. Then branch secys read out their reports, their issues during last six months etc. All those got summed up by the CS and President. Then CS read out his report which got approved by applause. Then the report of Fin secy was submitted to the house and it got passed with few clarifications. Then the Ex-CS Com. B. D. Nath addressed the house with all motivations and role of br secy and circle office bearers. Then com S. K. Jena, AGS addressed the housewith the role of CHQ on important issues. The vital moment came when com. B. Bhattacharjee addressed the house with all the datas for membership enhancement. The vote of thanks was given by com. K. C. Jena, ACS. During resolution hour all the members participated to take few important resolutions. CS Report. Photo-1 , Photo-2, Photo-3, Photo-4, Photo-5, Photo-6, Photo-7, Photo-8, Photo-9, Photo-10, Photo-11, Photo-12, Photo-13, Photo-14, Photo-15, Photo-16, Photo-17, Photo-18.

22.03.2014: The special CL sanction order of CGMT Odisha for all the participants is given here with. All the participants are requested to apply for the special CL with a declaration that he is holding the post of --- that entitles for the said leave to attend the CEC meet. Order.

12.03.2014: 2 of our old comrades Mr. Amir K Patra and Com. C. C. Panda both AGM were on NE posting and after their return it was very difficult to give them their 1st place of choice because of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack being packed. However after muct persuation with all the authorities they could be accomodated in Bhubaneswar. It is our all time endeover to satisfy all our members. though there was less hope of accomodating them, it could happen because of good response from the Admn. I thank the CGMT Odisha, GM HR for their goodness.

07.03.2014: The Notice for the 1st CEC of the circle is issued to all concerned. The CEC will be held on date 23.3.2014 (Sun day) in the Seminar hall of the RTTC. the programme will start at 9AM. as usual. All the Branch Presidents, Branch secretaries, CEC members, Circle Office bearers are requested to attend without fail. All the branch secretaries must bring their present membership list (cadre wise), the written report of the branch from October-2013 to 20th March-2014. The circle and CHQ quota must be paid upto March-14. The diary bill payment should have been cleared before coming to the CEC. The previeleges of attendence will be hard to be sanctioned if any branch fails to comply as above. The office bearers from out stations are requested to contact the CS for accomodation if they wish. NOTICE

06.03.2014: 5th Dist. Conference of AIBSNLEA, Rourkela Branch . Photo-1, Photo-2, Photo-3, Photo-4.

The Dist. Conference of Rourkela Branch was held at the conference hall of Door Sanchar Bhawan, Rourkela on 5th March-2014 (Sun day). The conference started at 5.30 PM  in presence of Com. R.K.Panda (Circle Secretary), Com.B.D.Nath (Ex-Circle Secretary) Com. R.C.Khandai, Dist President and Com. A.K.Ray (Dist. Secretary).
     The conference hall was totally full with all the members of AIBSNLEA of the branch. The Dist. President Com. R. C. Khadai welcomed the gathering and graced the CS and Ex-CS with flower bookey. Dist. Secy com. A. K. Ray read out the report of his tenure, it was discussed by the members and got passed after few clarifications. Dist. Fin Secy Com. A. K. Nayak submitted the audited report of accounts of the branch for the last tenure and it got passed. Com. B.D.Nath, Ex-Circle Secy addressed the house with encouraging importance of the Association, its key role in BSNL management etc. The Circle Secretary addressed the GB with all the prevailing issues of the Association at circle level and CHQ level. Then members put forth few questions which were replied by the dias. There were discussions on organizational matters and issues pending at circle and national level. The following resolutions were also taken.

  1. Allotment of IQ by fair and transparent means.
  2. Allotment of additional vehicle for Trans maintenance.
  3. To expedite TA bill payments of ETR staff. 
                Thereafter the current body was dissolved by the President. Com. A. Bilung, AGM was nominated as the Election Officer. The GB  unanimously elected the the following team as the new office-bearers of the District Branch for the next tenure:-
                                           COM. S.P.SINGH, SDE
       COM. N.K.SINHA
      2. COM. J.B.SAHOO.AO(CASH)
      3. COM MRS M.R.BOSE
               Com. R. K. Panda (Circle Secretary) administered the Oath of allegiance to the newly elected office-bearers.  The conference concluded at 9.00 PM with a dinner in which invitees from Administration and sister unions were present. It was a very successful celebration.  

28.2.14: A massive demonstration was held today infront of the CGM office by all the office bearers of all the Unions and Associations. Sky rise slogans were raised demanding settlement of all issues before merging MTNL in BSNL. All the CSs Presidents delivered the present status of the BSNL and MTNL. Photo , Photo_2

27.02.2014: As per the call given by the CHQ-United Forrum of all Unions and Associations, all the members are requested to organise launch hour demonstration in coordinations with the members of all the unions and Associations of the branches of the SSA HQ demanding settlement of all HR, Pension and disinvestment issues of MTNL before merging in BSNL. It will be a great financial havoc over BSNL as it has just started making positive growth towards profit. If MTNL be merged at this juncture without settling the HR, Pension fitments, revoking disinvestments; BSNL will sink slowly. Organisers, Office bearers are requested to organise seriously. You may send the on-the-spot notes with photographs so that it can be uploaded in the websites. CS.

14.02.2014: A circle office bearers' meet is held today at 1730hrs in GMTD bldg, Bhubaneswar. Almost all the office bearers were present. The following important resolutions were taken. 1. The 1st CEC will be held at Bhubaneswar on 23rd March. Informal notification will be issued after reserving the venue. 2. The decision taken by the GS for the agitational call is supported.

02.02.2014: Biennial branch conference of Bhubaneswar branch is held today in the seminarhall of the RTTC Bhubaneswar. Circle secy com. R. K. Panda, CHQ member com. Bhaskar Singh and Ex-CS Com. B. D. Nath attended the conference on invitation. Branch president com. Chaitan Sahu opened the session after welcoming all. Brach secy com. K. N. Sahu placed the secretarial report which got passed with applause. Finance secy report was also passed with little discussion and clarifications. Ex-CS addressed the house with the motivated speech. CS placed prfesent scenerio of the Association and the BSNL. The house was fully packed with members. The old body is dissolved by the President, new set of office bearers were elected unanimously and oath taking is carried out. Photo_1 , P_2 , P_3 , P_4 , P_5 , P_6 , P_7. Com. J K Majhi AGM and Com. S. C. Pradhan AO were elected as President and branch Secretary respectively for the next session.

23.01.14:: Congratulation, after a long persuation the posting order of TTA promoted JTOs are out. Most of the request cases have been taken into account by our persuation. Pending transfer orders are also taken care of including that of Mr. Mahadev Sahu from Koraput. Order.

22.01.2014:: Circle Secy along with Mr. Santap Jena (ACS) took up meeting with the CGMT Odisha and discussed on:: (1) Taking up of departmental civil works from other Govt organisations to utilise BSNL Civil & Arch wing and its staff so that BSNL-Odisha can enhance its earnings. There are sufficient scopes as reconstr- uction works of Govt of India are in offing in the aftermath of "Filin". CGMT appreciated and assured to constitute a cell for the purpose. (2) Closing up of USO towers where no service providers have utilised and keep the Assets on safe custody so that the present expenditure of about 1 Lakh can be reduced.

03.01.2014: Congratulation, after a long persuation with the ETR Admn the transfering back of Mr. B. D. Patra from Bhawanipatna to Bhubaneswar was finally achieved. It is as good as a win over evils. Order.

02.01.2014: Circle President, Circle Secy along with the ACS-Fin com H K Dash and ACS-IV com. K. C. Jena , ACS(E)- com. B. D. Patra took up New Years greeting-meet with the CGM Odisha, all the GMTDs at Bhubaneswar and DGM- ETR and ETP on New year day. The meetings were very cordial and meaningfull.



One & All

28.12.2013: The branch conference of Keonjhar was organised by the members of the branch at Keonjhar on 27.12.2013. All the members and some invited members attended the meeting. Circle president com. K. N. Sahoo, circle secy com. R. K. Panda and ex-CS attended the meeting from circle side. Circle office bearers addressed the house with need of Association, present importance of AIBSNLEA etc. Members asked a number of questionson on viability of BSNL, contribution of AIBSNLEA towards viability, present scenerio on JTO and JAO pay scare etc. At last the election was held. Com. H. K. Mahanta, sr. AO; Com. Nandiram Nayak, SDE were elected unanimously as brach Secy and President respectively for the coming session.

26.12.2013: Keonjhar branch is going to hold its branch conference on 27th Dec at HQ. Circle President, Circle Secy along with Ex-CS are attending the conference.

20.12.2013: CS took up meeting with the CGMT Odisha and discussed on various pending issues viz: Pay fixation case of Mr. Kashinath Sahoo, Br secy, BBSR and other issues like request transfers, looking after orders etc. All got settled in positive direction.

12.12.2013: The O/O the CGMT OD has issued the general circular on procurement of diary-2014. All the branch secy are requested to obtain PO from their respective SSA heads persuing the order of BSNL CO and Cir office. Click for cir.

10.12.2013:: CS met the CGMT Odisha and handed over the letter to issue common circular for issuing diary-2014 to all the executives as the BSNL CO has lifted the ban that was imposed last year. CGMT has given consent in positive direction. By this time the letter to all the SSA heads have been faxed. All the branch secretaries are requested to pursue for early release of PO so that final PO can be sent to the CHQ.

05.12.2013: Congratulation:: A long awaited looking after arrangement for the post of CAO by sr. AOs got released by the o/o the CGMT- Odisha. AIBSNLEA-Odisha heartily welcome them. Click for the order.

01.12.2013: One of our veteran member Mr. R. P. Pattanaik, DE OFC(m) ETR; Bhubaneswar retired from the active BSNL service on 30.11.2013. Circle President, Circle Secy and Ex-CS met him in his office, handed over a flower bookey and wished him a peaceful retired life. Photo.

30.11.2013: It is decided to hold a circle Office Bearers' meet at 5pm of 6.12.13 (Fri day) in the IQ loungue of GMTD bldg, BBSR. All the circle OBs are requested to attend positively as few important issues will be discussed and decided. CS

25.11.2013: Berhampur division hold its conference on 24Nov-2013 in Telephone Bhawan campus, Berhampur. All the members were present. Circle V-president Com. H. K. Das, CS- Com. R. K. Panda, ACS Com. B. D. Patra, CWC member-I Com. Bhaskar Singh and Ex-Cs Com. BDNath attended from circle side. It was a very interactive meeting where members could clarify all their grievances. Com. Nirakar Behera, AGM; Com. J.Anilkumar JAO and Com. M. Sudhakar Rao were elected for the post of branch President, Secy and F.Secy respectively for the coming session. photo_1 , photo_2 , Photo_3 , Photo_4 , Photo_5.

20.11.2013: Here are some glimpses of AIC in action caught in camera by our delegates. P_NASIK. P_start. P_CS&Ex-CS. P_CS with Kol CS. P_our team, P_members with CS KOL. P-CS deliberates. P-CS adresses. Photo-09.

16.11.2013: CS nade courtsey visit to the CGMT Odisha after attending AIC at Nasik. CS spoke to the CGM ETR Kol on phone and discussed about the progress on pending issues like transfering back of officers after completing tenure postings etc. He also requested for a meeting at the earliest possible.

15.11.2013:: Circle Presaident, Circle Secy and all the delegates returned to the HQ. Though it was a long tidious travel and stay, it was successful in all respect.

7.11.13: Circle Secy, President along with 15number of delegates are proceeding to attend the AIC at Nasik. They will not be available at HQ from 8Nov to 14.Nov. Mr. B. D. Patra, our A.C.S. has been entrusted to remain in HQ to transect all Association matters needed during this time. Members are requested to contact Com. B. D. Patra (Mob.9437075141) if any Association matter is to be dealt with.

05.11.2013: Circle Secy Rajsthan circle has sent Diwali greeting for all the members of Odisha circle. View.

05,11,201: The final text of Resolutions is finalised today considering all the mails and suggestions received within 9PM of 4th November. President, Vice-President, CS, Ex-CS and FS checked up the text today for 3hrs and finalised the text. This will be read and submitted by the CS to CHQ in AIC at Nasik. Resolution_NSK_AIC.

04.11.2013: Financial Assistance to Cyclone/Flood affected employees of BSNL. Letter.

04.11.2013: Sanction of Spl CLs to the delegates for AIC-Nasik. Letter.

04.11.2013: Approval to new set of Office bearers of our Association by CGMT-Odisha. Order.

02.11.13: The Braod Band concession for executives have been reduced to 10% by BSNL CO. letter

01.11.2013:: Congratulation, the posting order of looking after arrangements in the cadre of AGM/DE is issued by o/o the CGMT-Odisha. Order-1, Order-2.

31.10.2013: Above all, one of our most dedicated member, leader of the Association com. S. K. Dalai retired today as DGM- BSNL. He has a very long contribution for the Association of ours all along his service period. We wish him a happy and peacefull long life.

31.10.2013: The text of Resolutions (that was finalised by the circle office bearers in the last OB meeting at Bhubaneswar) to be submitted by the Circle Secretary in the coming AIC at Nasik is uploaded here. All are requested to go through in detail and may email the feed back if any so that it will be discussed in circle office bearer meeting before proceeding to AIC. The sugestions must be mailed to the CS mail before 02.11.13 so that final one be printed out. TEXT of RES.

27.10.2013: Congratulation, after a long persuation the transfering back of Mr. S. D. Barik and Mr. M. N. Pradhan both SDEs who had completed their tenure posting at Bhawanipatna were ordered by o/o the CGMT to their choice places. Copy of order.

26.10.2013: Branch conference of Dhenkanal branch is held today. Circle secy, Circle President and Ex-CS attended the conference. All the 13 members were present. Com. S.K.Nath Sr.AO, Com. N. C. Sethy, AGM and Com. J. K. samantray were elected as branch President, Secy and Fin Secy for the coming span.

22.10.2013: President Com. K. N. Sahoo, Cir secy Com. R. K. Panda took up a meeting with GM(HR), DGM(Admn) o/o the CGMT OD and discussed about early release of tranfer order of Com. S D Barik and Com. M N Pradhan both SDE at Bhawanipatna who have completed their tenure. It was assured to issue the order very shortly.

21.10.2013: At per with the pre preparations by Govt of Odisha, our BSNL management headed by our CGMT and DGM ETR and ETP remained fully alert to face any eventuality in the "PHILIN" havoc. Just after the passage, it was found that damage has been caused to Mobile towers of course its rigidity and stability is lessened in comparision to other service providers. Besides the Telecom cable network, land lines telephones the mobile towers were affected. Even till date there is no electricity supply to most of the towers and exchanges in the districts of Ganjam, Khurdha, Puri, Jagatsinghpur. Still then our fully planned efforts have saved the Telecommunication of those districts as efficiently as it was. State Administration could maintain the rescue and relief works because of BSNL services. The Chief Secy, Govt of Odisha has given an appreciation letter to the CGMT Odisha for wide circulation among the staff who are the real hero behind the satisfation of service to the nation. Letter.

21.10.2013: The server was down as a result our website could not be uploaded. However it restored today by the service provider. We apologise for the inconvenience.

08.10.2013: Circle President- com. K. N. Sahoo, Circle Secy. Com. R. K. Panda, ACS(E)- Com. B. D. Patra along with the ex-CS com. B. D. Nath met the CGM ETR and ETP at Bhubaneswar in the IQ chamber. Ex-CS introduced the new body, CS welcomed the CGM by a flower bookey. Then there was a discussion on transfering back on DE and JTOs in ETR who have already completed their tenure postings in Odisha sub- region. CGM assured to comply shortly. Also a letter of request transfer of officers in ETP was given with discussions.

05.10.2013: The new team of office bearers of ODISHA circle is given below. Since the left-windown the website is not working properly it is for the time being given here. It will be given in left window once it gets ok. List of Office Bearers.

04.10.2013: President-com K. N. Sahoo,, CS-Com. R.K.Panda, VP-Com K.C.Mishra along with ex-CS took up meeting with the CGMT and GM(HR) in the chamber of the CGM. Progress on tranferring-back order of 2 officers from Bhawanipatna is discussed and informed that file has been put up. Thorough discussion on modalities of officiating promotions(Looking after) in the cadre of STS, JAG are discussed and some referendum suitable to the Administration and Association is reached. The attention of the CGMT and GM(HR) is also sought for early release of report on JAO-Examinees who can pass if 3 grace mark is given as sought by BSNL CO on our Association demand.

30.09.2013: Circle President Com. K. N. Sahoo, Circle Secy com. R. K. Panda, ACS(E) Com. B. D. Patra, Vice President Com. K. C. Mishra and all other circle office bearers took up their first meeting with the CGMT and GM HR. They discussed about the pending order for 2 SDEs from Bhawanipatna Mr. SDBarik and Mr. MNPradhan who have completed more tham 3.5 years there. Ex Cs was also present in the meeting. The Admn says that the order is under process.

30.09.2013: The circle body were introduced to the CGMT Odisha, GM-HR and other officers in the circle office. All were introduced by the ex-Circle Secy com. B. D. Nath. Photo_1 , Photo_2

29.09.2013:: CIRCLE CONFERENCE:: The 4th circle conference is held in seminar hall of the RTTC, Bhubaneswar on 28.09.2013. In the previous evening a small meet was arranged between the active members, office bearers of branch and circle who wished to ask some questions to the GS. All of them got fully satisfied with the answers. On 28th Sept the flag was hoisted at 0930hr by the circle President com. B. P. Mishra in presence of CHQ President and GS. Slogan followed by: AIBSNLEA- Zindabad" The subject committee meeting started at 1000 hr with the BSNL prayer: Itni sakti hame... Then branch secretaries submitted their report and all were covered by the CS. The open session started at 1130hr. CS gave the key note address on curtailment of expenditure. CS of SNEA Mr. Babaji Biswal and President of BSNLEU attended as gueast and delivered their speech. Then GS started his vibrating speech with all lattest developement with thanks to the CGMT and his staff for up keeping the profit in such a scenerio. CHQ President expressed the hope that BSNL with turn round and the GSM equpt will available soon as tendering process is over. CGMT Odisha expressed hopw he maintains the profit tempo by serious analysis. The meeting ended with a launch. The after noon session started at 1600hr. CS report was discussed throughly and passed. Fin secy report was also passed. The present body is dissolved. A new body was unanimously elected. Com. Kasinath Sahoo, who is presently the branch secy of the biggest branch, Bhubaneswar was elected as Ptresident. Com. R. K. Panda, AGM CMTS was elected as Cir Secy and Com. N. P. Das was elected as Fin secy. Photo_1 , P_2 , P_3 , P_4 , P_5 , P_6 , P_7 , P_8 , P_9 , P_10 , P_11 , P_12 , P_13 , P_14 , P_15 , P_16 , P_17 , P_18 , P_19 , P_20 , P_21, P_22 , P_23 , P_24 , P_25 , P_26.

21.09.2013: Report of the Circle Secretary for submitting in the 4th Conference is given . All the members, Office bearers are requested to go through it throughly. It will not be read nout in the Conference to save time. Only discussions will be held and will be passed. Any clarification may be asked to CS even before the conference date. Report.

16.9.13: All the branch secretaries are requested to remit the circle conference contributions much ahead of the date to the fin secy of the circle. They should also send the resolutions if any by mail. The list of delegates and office bearers who will attend the circle conference be intiomated to CS or the br. secy of BBSR.

09.09.2013: Bhubaneswar branch holds its general body meeting in which about 80 members were present. Circle Secy attended the meeting. The various committees were formed to hold the circfle conference in RTTC campus on 28September. Other givances were also discussed and decisions were taken. Pl contact Mr. K. N. Sahu, Br secy, BBSR for accomodation. It is arranged in the hostel of the training centre. All branches are requested to hold their general body meetimng and send the resolutions and name of candidates for the conference. Also please finalise the delegate for the AIC and book the ticket accordingly.

06.09.2013: Cuttack branch holds their branch conference at Cuttack today in the Door Sanchar Bhawan. Almost all the members were present from all the wings. Circle Secy attended the meeting There was an open discussion on all the issues, roile of the Association and present health of the BSNL. The new body is formed as follows: Com. R. N. Satpathy CAO, as Br. President. Com. Sk. Farriuddin, PA as brach secy. Photo_1, Photo_2.

4.9.13: A circle office bearers' meet was held in Bhubaneswar today under the Presidentship of Com. K. N. Sahu and the following decisions were taken up. 1. Br. Secy Bhubaneswar will hold a general body meeting to constitute committee for coming circle conference on 28.9.13. There will be 3 committees i.e Food committee, Accomodation committee and Meeting committee. He has to decide delegates 10:1 for the CC so that Cs will write the names for availing spl. CLs.

4.9.2013: CS met CCA-Odisha and availed the circular that was a long pending achievement for defered optees on retirement. Circular . All branch secretaries are requested to down load this circular and hand it over to your Accounts section so that the under taking can be given by the retiring persons along with the papers. The proforma is given here. It may be down loaded and submitted along with the retirement papers/ documents. Affidevit-Proforma.

29.08.2013:: CS along with ACS(F) and BS BBSR met GM(Fin) o/o CGMT Odisha and requested him to retain Mr. Chakradhar Das, AO CK in as-he-is post on the ground that he has hardly 13months of service. After a brief discussion he got convinced and we expressed our thanks for the graceful attitude. We also thanked him for his intime order for Mr. P. K. Tandy, JAO BGR and retention of Mr. S.N.Prasad, JAO RKL at RKL.
Then CS along with BS BBSR met GM(HR) and pressurised to transfer Mr. S. D. Barik and Mr. Mahendra Pradhan, both SDE at B'patna who have already completed 3years of service there. It was assured to order very shortly.

26.08.2013: An APPEAL to our esteemed members. APPEAL.

26.08.2013: CS wrote reminder letters to the CGM ETR Kolkata for pending cases. (i) Cancellation of transfer order of Sri R. P. Pattanayak DE OFC(m) BBSR. Click letter. (ii) Posting of Sri r. K. Dhal, DE OFC(m) Keonjhar in Rourkela. Letter.

22.08.2013: The schedule of circle conference is shifted to 28.09.2013. All other terms remain unchanged.

22.08.2013: Bhawanipatna branch hold its annual conference on 21.8.13 at Bhawanipatna. All the members of the branch were present. Circle secy attended the meeting. It was a very nice discussion openly on all issues. Com. B. D. Patra DE OFC(m), Sri P.K. Patel SDE ETR were elected unanimously as president and secretary for coming session.

19.08.2013: A circle office bearers meeting was held today at 5pm in CGMT bldg. The discussions on holding the circle conference was held. It is resolved to hold a one day circle conference at Bhubaneswar in RTTC campus on 22.09.2013. It is also resolved to request all the branch secretaries to remit the monthly quota up to August2013, special contribution of Rupees300/- for conf, rupees200/- for legal fee for CHQ. It is an appeal to all that the circle is not having good financial health irrespective of minimising expenditures. Care must be taken to remit the quota in full. Notice for the conference will be uploaded soon. All the branches must hold their branch conference within 15Sept2013. if due. They also hold their general body meeting and set up resolutions and delegates. Maximum number of delegates are invited for the conference. The conference will continue till the agenda are completed.

15.8.2013: Balasore branch holds its annual conference in Hotel Kaling on 14th August. All the members were present. CS deliberated on all issues of CHQ and Circles and motivated the members for strengthening the organisation. Com. B B Biswal CAO and Com B C Barik were elected as President and Branch secy for the coming session. Mr. L. K. Mallick, a veteran leadrer of Balasore brach was given fare well as he retired last month.

25.7.2013: CS sent the reminder mail to the GS for taking up some important issues.

25.7.2013: Baripada branch holds its annual conference on 24.7.13 in the conference room of BSNL at Baripada. All the members were present. CS addressed the members to strengthen the organisation what ever small the numbers may be. A mini open session was held in which the TDM graced. Com M.R.Hansda, AGM; Com M. R. Soren SDOT and Com. H. Hembram AO were elected to the posts of President, Branch Secy and Fin secy respectively.

23.7.13: CS talked to CGM ETR and GM ETR about the the transfer order oif Mr. R.P.Pattanayak, DE OFC(m) ETR, BBSR and demanded for cancellation as applied by the officer who is going to retire shortly. Letter.

21.7.13: CS wrote to Gen Secy about the missing names of aspirant executives for DPC from SDE to DE in Odisha paren circle. Letter.

21.7.13: CS wrote letter to Gen Secy for taking up circle allotment of Mr. A. K. Ray, DE. letter.

18.7.13: the problem with the website is sorted out that the members now mcan down load any letter that was not possible for last 10days.

14.07.2013: CS wrote to GS on RKPani CAO case to retain for a year more. Letter.

14.07.2013: CS wrote letter to the G.Secy for allottment of circle for 3 SDEs on LDCE promotion from JTOs. Letter.

13.07.2013: All the branch secretaries are requested to comply the list of all the Executives serving in their area in the following format:(1) Name of the Executive. (2) Designation. (3) Association to which he belongs. If not: NIL. It must be sent by email to the Circle secy lattest by 16.7.2013. It is required for the CHQ before circle secretaries meet at Delhi on 3rd and 4th Aug-13.

12.07.2013: C. Secy wrote to G. Secy about the retention of Mr. R. C. Khandai, AGM Rourkela in Odisha circle on serious family need. Letter.

8.7.13: CS wrote to CGMT WB circle for posting of Mr. S. A. Samsuiddin SADE(E) BBSR in his desired place "Burdhaman" as he he has completed more than 8years in out circle posting. Letter.

07.07.2013: CS wrote a letter to Gen secy demanding the cancel all the out circle posting of JTOs promoted to SDE on LDCE quota. Letter.

05.07.2013: CS met the CGMT-Odisha and reqested for a DO letter demanding total cancellation of out circle posting.

05.07.2013: CS wrote letter to the CGM ETR KOL to abide by the BSNL transfer-posting principles while posting newly promoted SDEs. Letter.

04.07.2013: CS spoke to Gen. Secy to take up meeting with the GM(Pers) to apprise that 67JTOs are promoted under LDCE quota in Odisha cirtcle and all are posted out circles. CS emphasised to demand for total cancellation of such oprder as Odisha is a profit making circle and there is 60% vaccancy in all the cadre- JTO,SDE,DE. GS assured top look into.

04.07.2013: CCA-Odisha called a meeting with us to settle the pay fixation formula for defered optionees. CS along with the CHQ-Adv(L), President, ACS(Fin) took the meeting at 03pm. It ended at 5pm. At last they got convinced to settle.

01.07.2013: Circle Secy attended the biennial conference of Bolangir branch on 29.6.13. All the members, invitees from SNEA were present. It was a great moment in trade union at Balangir. CS addressed the members with importance of Organisation and its power by dint of which our cadre has achieved a lot of natural justices. Glimpses: F-1, F-2, F-3, F-4.
Circle Secy attended the annual branch conference of Sambalpur branch at Sambalpur on 30.06.2013. There was an open session in which the GMTD was the chief guest. There was a lot of interaction by the members. The seminar hall was fully packed. Glimpses: SBP-1, SBP-2, SBP-3, SBP-4, SBP-5, SBP-6, SBP-7.

26.06.2013: Sambalpur Division and Bolangir Divisions are going to hold their Biennial conference on 30June and 29th June at their SSA HQ. Circle secy and Circle President are going to attend the meeting.

25.06.2013: A crucial meeting was held with the CCA, DOTCell, Odisha at Bhubaneswar. Circle President- com. BP Mishra, C. Secy- Com. BD Nath, CHQ Adv(L)- com SK Dalai, A.C.S.(Fin)- com. HK Dash were present. The agenda were: 1. Excessive delay in settling Pension settlement, 2. Delay in issuing GPF balance sheet, 3. Defered option be accepted for fixing the pension basic. The letter containg all the CAT orders are attached. It was assured by the CCA that his officers will go through the letter and call a meeting with Association Finance advisers and settle. Letter-A

22.06.2013: Circle Secy along with the President took up meeting with the C.E. (Elc) at Bhubaneswar for different pending issues. Concern letters were given. It was a very cordial meeting with acceptable solutions.

14.6.13: Circle Secy. submitted the letters on decisions taken in last CEC. Letter-1, Letter-2, Letter-3.

10.06.13: The CEC was held at the seminar hall of the RTTC, Bhubaneswar. It started with hoisting of flag at 0930hr by com. B. P. Mishra, circle President in presence of other office bearers and branch secretaries and Presidents. It ended with slogan for the occassion. The meeting started with welcome address by com. Kasinath Sahu,branch secretary of the Bhubaneswar branch. All the present B.Secys submitted their reports. It was covered by the CS. Com. B. D. Nath, circle secretary read out the report for the last span of CEC. It was discussed and passed.Treasurer submitted the report that could not be passed for want of audit. It is advised to submit soon to the circle office bearers' meet. and then it will be given in web site. The following resolutions and decisions were taken. 1. The circle conference will be held some day between September and Octobar. President and CS will finalise the date taking into considerations of availability of Mandap, available dates of GS and President from CHQ. Since there is no fund, each member has to contribute rupees300/- each towards the circle conference. (2) Legal fees for CHQ at the rate of 200/- each is also to be collected. It is also advised to collect it during the payment of 78.2 arrear. (3) Branches who have completed 2years should complete their conference by Aug-13. Those are Bolangir, Rourkela, Sambalpur, Baripada, cuttack, Bhawanipatna. (3) Letter will be written to the Administration to clarify the stay in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar for all cadres in writting. CS Report. Photo-1, Photo-2, Photo-3, Photo-4,Photo-5, Photo-6, Photo-7, Photo-8. Resolutions.

03.06.2013: Some of the prospective JAOs met the CS to demand for few grace marks for them who have just failed by 1 or 2 marks. CS wrote the letter for the Gen secy for the same.Letter.

31.05.2013: Congratulation to Mr. U. K. Hui, SDE Bokaro, who was serving on out circle posting for last 5years was at last relieved today even if his transfer order for repatriation to his desired place was done 4 months before only after presuurisation with CGMM ETR KOL. This time also as his controlling officers didnot cooperate, and the CS of Jharkhand could not materialise even after my request for last one month CS had to travel to Kolkata and met the CGMM ETR along with our organising secy(East). GMM and CGMM were clarified, demanded for justice and then only the com got relieved today.

29.5.2013: CS took up meeting with the CGMT BBSR, GMs and AGM(A) for various issues. It was agreed that names of comrades serving in soft tenure places will not be sent to the Corporate office inj the stay particular list.

21.05.2013: All the long pending issues with the CGMM ETR & etp Kol were resolved across the table. Our organising secy (E) Com. Amit Gupta accompanied for the meeting.

15.5.13: Circle Secy will be at Kolkata from 16-May to 17-May to take up scheduled meeting with the CGM ETR and ETP for dressing up few long pending issues. Comrades may contact for their issues if any those were not submitted to CS.

10.05.2013: CS met GM(F) and other authorities for monitoring the progress of various issues. Letter for GM(F) for is submitted to CGM and GM(F). Letter.

07.05.2013: NOTICE: A CEC is scheduled on 09.06.2013 in the seminar hall of RTTC, Bhubaneswar. All the branch President, Secretaries are requested to mattend. NOTICE.

03.05.2013: CS met the GM(F) and discussed several issues and demanded to settle up all the orders issued during last year as it is partially implemented causing discreminatory feeling among others. Letter.

03.05.2013: CS spoke to CGM ETR Kolkata for early relieve of Mr. U. K. Hui, SDE OFC Bokaro who has completed 4years in out circle posting. Letter.

03.05.2013: CS met GM HR, DGM(Admn) and AGM(Admn) across a single table of discussion and discussed:
(1) Cancelling the transfer order of Mr. S. Mohanty for looking after AGM from BBSR to Cuttack as he has completed 57years. Letter.
(2) Holding of DPC for filling up vaccancies of PS posts in circle.
(3)Cancelling the transfer order of Mr. Harihar Sahu, Fin secy. Letter.

02.05.2013: The details of discussion between CHQ and BSNL management is given below. All the members and office bearers are requested to go through seriously and send the comment to Circle Secretary mail within 3rd May2013. CS has to send the final comments to GS by evening of that day. Text.

27.04.2013: CS met AGM(Admn) and discussed on few pending cases and revealed the progresses. Accordingly letters will be issued to the concerned authorities within few days.

25.04.2013: The text of savingram to be sent to CMD as directed by the CHQ is briefed and given here for sending to CMD BSNL and others on 29th April2013. All the branch secy are requested to send positively. CS Text of savingram.

12.04.2013: CS met GM(HR), AGM(Admn) DGM(Admn) of o/o the CGMT Odisha for different pending cases and persued for early settlements. 1. Looking after posting of Mr. mahesh Chand: VC is called for. Transfer of S.D.Barik, DE Bhawanipatna: It was assured to do early afrer joining of nerwly posted officer.

11.04.2013: The CWCF team of our circle (Pres, CS, Member-1,2) returned back from Guwahati after sucessfully attending the CWC. The deliberations were fruitfull in all the issues. Click here for some glimpses. Photo_1, Photo_2, Photo_3, Photo_4, Photo_5, Photo_6, Photo_7.

30.03.2013: the report of the Circle Secretary to be placed in Guwahati CWC is finalised by Circle Office bearers. All are requested to go through and send suggestions if any. TEXT of CS report.

29.03.2013: The text of resolutions adopted in last circle office bearers' meet for submission in coming Guwahati CWC is given here with. All the members are requested to go through seriously and send any suggestions before 31.03.13 so that it will be analysed. As preparations for the CWC tour has to be completed by 01.04.13, further suggestions can not be considered. Text of RESOLUTIONS.

21.3.13: The CS and circle President have scheduled a tour to Kolkata to take up meeting with CGM ETR and ETP and CCA on 25.3.13. Organising secy(E) will also be there.

20.03.2013: A circle office bearers' meet is scheduled on 22March-13 in the IQ loungue of GMTD bldg of Bhubaneswar. The following agenda is fixed. 1. Fixing of date of a CEC as regard to CWC at Guwahati on 5/6th April13. 2. Discussion on resolutions for CWC. 3. Any other with the permission of chair.

4.3.13: All the branch secretaries are requested to remit the quota within a week as it is to be remitted to CHQ much before the CWC that is scheduled on 5.4.13. All the branch secretaries are also requested to hold general body meeting and finalise the resolutions for CHQ. It must be mailed within 15.3.13.

3.3.13: CS wrote to General secy for cancellation of out circle transfer case of Mr. S. B. Pati, AO, o/o GMTD- Sambalpur. click for the letter.

18.2.13: Proposals received from branch secretaries and members on MTRR-13 is forwarded to CHQ.

18.2.13: CS wrote to General Secy for repatriation back of Mr. S.M.A. Samsuddin, SDE(Elec), Bhubaneswar as he has completed 3years and facing a lot of family problem at his native place. Letter.

10.2.13: CS wrote to General Secy on (1) cancellation of out circle(tenure) transfer of Sri Anam Ch. Bai, AGM (HR&Admn), GMTD Cuttack. Letter-1. (2) Correction of seniority of Sri Mahesh Chand, SDE(T), GMTD Bhubaneswar. Letter-2.

07.02.2013: CS met GM(HR) and persued the request transfer cases.

28.01.2013: The executive Diary-2013 has already reached. All the branch Secy are requested to send the requisition so that the packet will be dispatched. It is to be purchased on individual basis only.
24.01.2013: Circle secy, President, branch secy of BBSR branch and Sri S K Dalai, CHQ Adv took up meeting with the Director (Fin) during his stay at Bhubaneswar today. A memorandum prepared as per instruction mof the G. Secy is also submitted. Click for the memorandum.
23.01.2013: The executive diary-2013 has reached. Interested persona are requested to contact CS or branch secy of BBSR for collecting the copies. It is onlyon personal purchase basis.

01.01.2013: Happy New Year-2013 to you all. PRESIDENT and Circle Secy wishes you a very prosperous new year.

31.12.12: IDA is increased by 4.2% from 1.1.13. The IDA will be 71.5% for & from the salary of January-2013.
Click for the order.

27.12.2012: A circle office bearers meet was held today at 16hr in the GMTD-BBSR bldg. The following decisions were taken. 1. Diary will be procured at individual cost. Calender will be printed and supplied to bonafied members only. 3. A CEC is scheduled on 18.1.13 at Bhubaneswar to discuss some urgent issues. GS has given concent to attend. 4. The committed amount of Rupees10,000/- will be given to CHQ for purchasing car for CHQ. 4. Coercive steps will be taken to acquire the Association building from illegally occupation of previous CS Mr. B. K. Singh.

22.12.12: Attention of all the members, office bearers is drawn for the mail received from our Gen Secy that the Diary-2013 has been printed but the BSNL corporate office has orderd not to procure. It will incure a heavy looss to our CHQ. As a rescue measure the CHQ has requested to purchase individually at own cost. It is thus requested to send me the reply and the exact numbers needed by your branch. CS. Click for GS mail.

06.12.12: I am to intimate all the members that all my efforts to take up meeting with our Ex Circle Secy Sri B. K. Singh fell flat. I have been trying my level best but all the hopes got exhausted. Hardly I could talk to him once or twice during last six months. And he is not giving time to meet. I am going to call an office bearers' meet very soon to decide on the coercive modes of action. You may send me the mail on your suggestions.

06.12.2012: CS met the CGMT Odisha and submitted 2letters. One for request posting of Mr. S. P. Bagchi DE KPT and the other for correcting seniority of Mr. Mahesh Chand, SDE BBSR. CGMT assured for second case and asked to wait for the first case. Click for the letter. Letter_1 , Letter_2.

19.11.2012: CS took up meeting with the CGMT odisha today. The following cases were discussed. 1. Issuance of Diary-13 to executives. 2.Strategy for posting of newly officiating DGMs. 3. Posting of reverted DEs. 4. Early order for D. Majhi, DE KPT. Besides these a number of pretty issues were vividly discussed and positive assurances were given by the Admn.

18.11.12: CS took appointment with Shri Bhatruhari Mahatab, Hon. MP, Cuttack and discussed about the submission of memorandum to the PM for ITS absorption issue. His advices are mailed to the G.S..

13.11.12: CS has received a lot of greeting messages from innumerable number of members, It is not possible to reply individually. I sincerely thanks you for the message and hope a wonderful deppavali for all of you.

13.11.2012: President and C/S, AIBSNLEA; ODISHA

03.11.12: The closing day agitation was a very massive one. CS was present even he is ill. About 100 particvipants were there during last hour. The gathering was addressed by CSs of all the organisations, some activist. All thank the participants and requested to remain prepared for future directions. Glimpses. P_1 , P_2 , P_3 . There was wide coverage by OTV also.

31.10.2012: There is wide publicity in local news papaers as well as Times of India. The TV channels are also airing coverages. The video clips will be uploaded soon. Some snaps of News Papers are uploaded. Sambad. TOI , Pragatibadi , Prameya.

30.10.2012: Some on the snaps taken on strikers at Bhubaneswar. Photo_1 , Photo_2Photo_3 , Photo_4 , Photo_5 , Photo_6 , Photo_7,Photo_8.

29.10.2012: There was massive gathering infront of the o/o the CGMT Odisha. Volunteers including CS and Pres participated in Hunger Strike. Report has reached that all the district HQ has organised massively. Glimpses at CGMT office. Photo_1 , Photo_2 , Photo_3 , Photo_4.

28.10.2012: The text of press release or memorandum to be submitted to the Governor/Collector is given here. Simply down load and reedit for the purpose. Text_1.

26.10.2012: The modalities of coming agitation has been sent to your branch secretaries. It is requested to all the comrades to participate as instructed.

25.10.2012: Our website was down for about a month due to server problem with the vendor. It got rectified today and uploading is possible now.

15.10.2012: The whole day Dharna was conducted infront of the o/o the CGMT Odisha. It started with slogans at 1030 AM followed by day long Dharna and intermittent slogans. Circle secretaries of all the Unions and Associations participated along with their members and office bearers. Click for the photos. Photo_1 , Photo_2 , Photo_3 , Photo_4 , Photo_5 , Photo_6 , Photo_7

09.10.2012: Our AGS (civil) con. P. Goel came to Bhubaneswar on his personal matter. The members of civil, Electrical and Architect arranged a meet in the o/o the GMTD. CS, Adv(L) attaended along with about 30members of the wings. There was a lot of interaction on the various cadre issues.

08.10.2012: CS spoke to AGM(A). GM ETR Kol for effecting mutual transfer cases. They assured that 2cases have been done. Third one is under process.

01.10.2012: There was massive demonstration by our members and members of SNEA infront of the o/o the CGMT odisha at Launch hour. About 60members were there even if there was heavy rain out side. Slogans were raised as were hinted in the CHQ website. The organisation also boycut nthe BSNL day celebration by the Administration that day.

18.09.2012: As per call of CHQ massive demonstration was held infront of the CGMT office at 1315hrs of today. The CSs of all the unions and Associations were present with their office bearers. Our circle President, CS, ACS(E), ACS(F), CWC member, BS-Bhubaneswar along with members participated. The strength was more than 60. Slogans were raised as per directives of the CHQ.

15.09.2012: A circle office bearers meet was held on 14.9.12 in Bhubaneswar in which a number of active members and office bearers of Bhubaneswar division were present. The CWC member and CS gave a brief description on last CWC at Ahamedabad. The resolutions and report of CS were read out and discussed. At last transfer of members in Accounts wing was discussed and decided to discuss with the CGM for defering upto March-2013 for applicants only.

12.09.2012: Beacuse of RTPC meeting at Puri on 7&8th instant, the whole machinery was engagd for arrangement and thus CS could not get the scope to meet the CGMT. However a meeting was held with the GM-F and CGMT at 6pm today. Detailed discussions were held on discrepency in postings of CAOs. It was assured to dress up those very soon. Discussions on other long pending issues were also discussed and CGM assured to comply those.

05.09.2011: Posting order of CAOs(adhoc), AOs and JAOs are released today. A lot of injustice is noticed and objection letter is issued to the CGMT. CS is going to meet the CGM and GM-F very soon. Click for letter.

03.09.2012: CS took up meetings with GM HR and discussed about relieve on transfer of Mr. A. Khilar PA to GMTD Dhenkanal as assured ealier. He assured the same very early. CS also stressed to post the executives who return from out circle postings at their first option places. Case of Mr. T. K. Sahu, SDE Rouirkela and assured to post him at his first choice place-Rourkela.
Then CS along with the ACS-Finance took up meeting with GM-Fin and discussed about posting of recently declared adhoc CAOs. It was stressed to issue posting orders such that very minimum expenditure is incurred. It is requested not to deisturb the present place of postings on officiating except the request cases. He assured the same.
Then the CS took up meeting with the DGM(M) ETR and discussed on few individual cases those are pending since long.

31.8.12: CS took up meeting with the GM Fin and GM CFA on 30.8.12 and discussed on deferment of some transfers. GM Fin agreed to consider on its merit. CS

31.08.2012: The CWC team comprising of Com. B. D. Nath, Cir secy, Sri B. P. Mishra, Pres, Sri K. C. Jena CWC-1 and Sri Santap K Jena CWC-2 and our CHQ adv Com. S. K. Dalai left on 20th Aug at 9pm from bhubaneswar by Puri-Gandhidham Exp. They reached AM rly station at 7AM of 22Aug. They were well received by the CWC reception committee from Rly station and lodged in Hotel Dev resort- a very nice hotel- the venue of CWC. The details of the CWC is available in our CWC website. They reached back on 28Aug. The participation was very active and result oriented.

31.08.2012: Our circle website went corrupt and could only offered repaired today at 1700hr by the service provider. Inconvenience is deeply regreted. CS

18.8.2012: A circle office bearers' meet was held on 17.8.2012 in Door Sanchar Bhawan, Bhubaneswar at 1700hrs. The following resolutions were finalised for submitting in the CWC at Ahmedabad on 23.8.12. Drafted Reasolutions. Also the draft of speech of Circle Secy is drafted as given here. CS report. All are requested to go through and send the views by 19.8.12 so that it can be analysed and modified.

10.08.2012: Bhubaneswar branch is going to hold their special General body meeting to adopt resolutions for coming CWC. Circle President, CS and com S.K.Dalai, CHQ-ADVare attending it. The circle office bearers meeting is also scheduled on 16.8.2012 to finalise the resolutions and CS report for CWC.

09.08.12: All the branch secretaries are requested to remit the quota upto July-12 so that it will be remitted to CHQ before 15th Aug otherwise the Fin Secy-CHQ will read out the report in the open meeting that Odisha circle is defaulter even if we deposit after 15Aug as it is the date of closing the account by him. Pl. take it seriously to deposit in the circle account and send the membership list and period to the circle F. Secy. It is a prestige issue of all your representatives to the CHQ. The CGMT odisha has sanctioned the Special CL for CWC members. Click for the letter. The Circle secy- Gujrat has also sent the list of attendants in CWC. click for the list.

31.07.2012: CS along with CHQ Adv com. S. K. Dalai and Org. Secy(East) Com. Amit Gupta met the GM ETR and CGM ETR and discussed on the following issues: (1) Recommending the rulke-8 applications of 4 number of JTOs who have submitted the applications a year back and recommendations of their substitutes have already reached. It was assured that it will be done very shortly. (2) Recommending the weaving out of outstanding RSTC bill of Com. A. C. Panda, Rtd DE Rourkela during his SDE OFC o/d period. CGM assured to approve. (3) Bringing back the long served SDEs and JTOs from tenure/out stations. Case of P M Sahu from Bolangir, UK Hui, SC Nayak and others. It was assured to look into. Then CS along with the CHQ(Adv) met the CCA to set right the pension cases of Com D. P. Rath and A. C, Panda. It was done across the table.

19.7.2012: CS took up meeting with the DGM ETR and discussed about a number of pending issues. Mutually acceptable points were achieved on: Cancellation of transfer order of Mr. Sumit Soni, JTO OFC(m) CK who was ordered for transfer to Koraput even before completion of 2years. (ii) Mutual transfer cases under rule-8 for 4 number of JTOs were accepted. Cs also spoke to the CGM ETR KOL and took up a meeting that is scheduled on 30.7.12 at Kolkata. Then CS along with the ACS(F) & BS-BBSR met the GM(F) and expressed thanks for complying the request transfers in the cadre of JAOs.

10.07.2012: The all India CWC meet is scheduled on 23 & 24 August at Ahamedabad. President, CS, CWC member-I, II have scheduled for the meeting. All the branch secretaries are requested to hold their general body meetinmg and send the resolutions early so that those can be incorporated in circle secretaries report. All the branches must remit their quota so that it can be remitted to CHQ.

01.07.2012: Sri Narayan Tripathy, Sri S. N. Palo, and Sri Pravanjan Sarangi all regular AGMs retired y-day. They had been fully associated with our mighty Association with great belief and confidence. They will always be remeberd by all the members for their contribution. I on behalf of all the members wish them a happy retired life with good health .

29.6.2012: The uploading of our website was not possible due to technical problem. It is rectified today. It will be regularly uploaded henceforth.

10.06.2012: The 2nd CEC of this tenure of Odisha AIBSNLEA was held in the seminar hall of the RTTC- Bhubaneswar on 9th June. The flag was hoisted by the CHQ President and circle President at 9AM amidst the slogan AIBSNLEA-Zindabad, BSNL Long live etc. The meeting started as scheduled at 0930. Branch Secy Bhubaneswar com. K. N. Sahu welcomed all and invited the circle President to adorn the chair. General Secretary com. Prahlad Rai, CHQ President com P. Venugopal and Org. Secy(E) com Amit gupta and Adv(L) com S. K. Dalai attended the CEC on behalf of CHQ. Branch secretaries of various branches put forth their report, CS summed up all the reports. Then the report of CS was read out and passed after brief discussion. In the mid, CGMT Odisha invited the CHQ team to meet at 1130hr in his chamber. Com SKDalai accompanied with GS and Pres to CGMT. The CEC meeting remained running as it is in presence of CHQ Org Secy. The G.Secy team had discussion with the CGMT and other GMs on various issues. It was an open discussion. The strategy of our Association was convveyed to the Admn on various issues in circle level & all India level. The meet was very coordial and enhanced our image infront of the circle Admn so that it will help us to solve future issues without much tussle.
The address by OS(E) com. Amit Gupta started at 1210. He emphasised on recovery of old assets from illegally occupants- our ex circle secretary. He further appealed all the members to organise the strike on 13th June to get back the 78.2 fitment DA as recommended by CPC. Then com. S. K. Dalai our adviser(L) addressed the house on different legal cases in CHQ for seniority fixation.
The much awaited speech by our all India President com. P. Venugopal started at 1500hr. He expressed satisfaction over Odisha BSNL and its AIBSNLEA as both are doing commendable jobs. he opened out the financial health of the BSNL in corporate level.
The address by the General Secretary started at 1545hr. The house was fully packed up by that time. GS discussed on various all India issues like ITS absorption, various DPCs, its present status, Hurdles in regular STS to JAG adhoc, recent news on JAC, UF and JFs, future programmes etc. He appealed all the members to observe the strike on 13th June in full spirit. The meeting ended with national anthem at 1740hr. GS and Pres left at 1830 flight to Delhi. CS Report, Photo-1 ,Photo-2 , Photo-3 , Photo-4 , Photo-5 , Photo-6 , Photo-7 ,
Photo-8 , Photo-9 , Photo-10 , Photo-11 , Photo-12 , Photo-13, Photo-14 , Photo-15 , Photo-16 , Photo-17 ,
photo-18 , Photo-19 , Photo-20 , Photo-21 , Photo-22 , Photo-23 , Photo-24 , Photo-25 , Photo-26 , Photo-27 , Photo-28 , Photo-29 , Photo-30 , Photo-31 , Photo-32 , Photo-33 , Photo-34 , Photo-35 , Photo-36 , Photo-37 , Photo-38 ,Photo-39 , Photo-40 , Photo-41 , Photo-42 , Photo-43 , Photo-44 , Photo-45 , Photo-46 , Photo-47 , Photo-48 , Photo-49 , photo-50 , photo-51 .

7.6.2012: The special CL sanction memo of o/o the CGMT Odisha is received. You may click and down load here. Sanction memo. List of office bearer.

6.6.12: An office bearers meet of both circle and Bhubaneswar division was held y-day in the chamber of the President and details of holding CEC on 9th June at Bhubaneswar was discussed. The following comrades are entrusted with respective responsibilies.
1. Food committee: Com. S. C. Pradhan and Com. K. C. Jena.
2. Accommodation : Com. N. Dandpat.
3. Transportation: Com. K. C. Nayak
.4. Meeting and stage: Com. K. N. Sahu and Com. N. P. Das

It is decided to invite all the members of bhubaneswar and Cuttack branch to attend join the CEC at 1200hr to interact with the GS and CHQ Pres. Members from other branches are also invited. Accomodation and fooding will be arranged for them in meeting venue: RTTC- Bhubaneswar.

05.06.2012: Ameeting was held among all the circle secretaries of JAC-Odisha to discuss modalities on whole day DHARNA on 6th June. In consideration of high climatic temperature it was decided to hold demonstration infront of the CGMT office at 1030, 1300 and 1700hr massively. Because of high temperature it is decided not to sit for full day Dharna and Demonstration.. How ever JAC of branches may decide to organise full day demonstration with Dharna sitting infront of their SSA head offices. It is also decided not to affect the services in any manner.

01.06.2012: CS along with Sri S.K.Dalai Adv CHQ, Sri K.N.Sahoo BS of Bhubaneswar branch took up a meeting with Sri S. N. Talwar, Executive Director(NB) of BSNL CO during his visit to Bhubaneswar. They discussed about long vaccancy of CE(C), reimbursement of LF, Electric bill, water charges from DOT staff in BBSR etc. 3 memorandum were presented. Click for the: letter-1,letter-2,letter-3.

19.05.2012: The notification for CEC is issued. The venue is Seminar hall of RTTC Bhubaneswar. CEC members from out side are reqwuested to reach before 7AM as the meeting will start exactly at 9AM. They are requested to contact branch secy Bhubaneswar Mr. K.N.Sahu for accomodation. Hostel of RTTC is requisioned for the purpose. click for notice.

17.5.12:: Circle office bearers' meet was held on 14.5.2012 in the chamber of the President com. B. P. Mishra. It was decided to hold our 2nd CEC at Bhubaneswar on 9.6.12. The General secy, President and Org Secy(E) will be invited. Accordingly requests were sent to them and confirmation was availed. Thus it is here by decided to hold the conference on 09.06.2012 in Bhubaneswar. Details of notification and other will be intimated soon.

17.5.2012: Our website couldnot be uploaded as the computer was under formating and set up for renewal of antivirus. However it got totally ok today only. Inconvenience is regreted.

01.05.2012: CS met GM & CGMT across one table and discussed about: 1. Release of A. Khilar, PA; DKL who is stranding for more than 6months even though order has been made. 2. Calling back Mr. A. K. Maity as his order has been kept in abayance. But it was declined as there is no rule for such orders.

26.4.12: CS along with ADV CHQ com. SK Dalai and O. Secy(E) com Amit Gupta took up a meeting with CGM ETR at Kolkata. We three first took up a preparatory meeting among our selves abot the issues. The strategy got final;ised and then the meeting with the CGM ETR started at 1135 for one hour. All the points discussed in a very cordial atmosphere. DGM(Admn) was also present. We submitted suggestions as asked by the administration and all got accepted. click for the letter of meeting.

18.4.12: CS met with DGM(A), GM CFA and discussed about request transfer cases, consideration of cancellation of few genuine transfer orders etc. It was assured in the right spirit. CS has taken up a meeting with CGM ETR KOL in the next week for discussing on few pending issues.

10.04.2012: CS wrote letter to CGM ETR Kolkata for different issues. click for the letter. letter-1 , letter-2, letter-3, letter-4.

10.04.2012: There was problem with uploading the website. Now it is ok. CS

24.3.2012: CS along with the Adv(L) took up meeting with the CE(E) about the transfer of JTO(E) and discussed all the details. It was assured in positive directions. click for the letter.

21.3.12: CS took up a meeting with the CGMT along with the DGM(Admn) and discussed on few long pending request transfer cases. They assured and offered that if any one can give a mutual one, his case will be ordered without any delay.

15.3.12: CS spoke to the General Secy and discussed on all the long pending issues like cancellation of out circle transfer orders of SDE Telecom and SDE civil. Since the causes are genuine, the cases be pressurised with BSNL CO. He assured to take up special meeting with GM Pers and Dir HR.

24.2.12: CS met the CGMT, GM CFA, DGM(A) and requested not to relieve the sr. SDEs who have been transfered to NE circles till the DPC that is expected within a month.

17.2.12: CS met GM(F) Odiusha and took up few transfer cases. Also persued the lateral promotion cases. Then a core group meeting of circle office bearers was held in which discussion on issue with CE(E) is discussed.

13.2.12: During the stay at New Delhi CS along with the CHQ Adv Mr. S K Dalai met the GS and took up some long pending cases like cancellation of out circle transfer of Sri N. Dandpat, temporary cancellation of already relieved Sr. SDEs for out circle transfer. click for the letter.

12.2.12: CS returned today. The following decisions were taken up in CS meet at Delhi Y-day. 1. All the basic members will be mobilised to participate min full day strike on 15, 16 and 17 Feb with 100% success. If no break through happens, then work to rule strike be intensified. All the branch secretaries are requested to call joint general body meeting with SNEA and AIGETOA within 13/14 Feb and fix up the strategy. CS

9.2.12: CS is proceeding to Delhi today to attend the all India CS meet. The decisions taken up in the last meeting on 4.2.12 at BBSR on the forthcoming agitations are: i. It should be cleared whether mass CL will taken to participate in 3days Dharna or not. ii. Sabotage on BSNL service will not be taken up during work to rule agitation. iii. Full noncooperation will be shown to ITS bosses who are not absorbed. Members are requested to send their views/ suggestions to CS directly by SMS only.

8.2.12:CS along with the CS of SNEA Odisha met the CGMT and apprised him of the lattest situation in Berhampur SSA as regard to the functioning of GMTD. A strongly worded letter is submitted. click.

7.2.12: CS met the GM(F) to discuss on officiating arrangements in CAO cadre. All were settled. CS also met the DGM(A), AGM(A) on pending TBP cases. It is assured that all will be cleared within this month.

01.02.2012: Kind attention all the circle office bearers, branch office bearers of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar branch, active members of all branches: A meeting will be held at 3PM of 4.2.12 in the GMTD bldg- Bhubaneswar. You are requested to attend the meeting without fail. It is from United Forum of executives Assocoations. The strategy of our say will be finalised for the ensuing circle secretaries meet at Delhi on 11th Feb.

20.1.12: The full day DHARANA was held in front of circle office and HQ on United Forum of AIBSNLEA, SNEA & AIGETOA. Dharana was also held in almost all SSA HQs. Click for few snaps of Koraput branch of UF. Photo-1 , Photo-2.

17.1.12: Massive demonstration was held in front of all the SSAs and CGMT Odisha on 16.1.12 as per directive of CHQ by UF. click for photo of Dhenkanal branch. Photo.

11.01.12: CS discussed with CS of SNEA about some common issues and strategy is fixed. CS also met the AGM(A) and DGM(A) for some long pending issues like relieving of Mr. A. K. Khilar, case of Mr. R. N. Parida etc.

10.1.12: Happy news for PS/PA cadre that the long awaited 2nd TBP is released. They are the first batch of executives to get so. It was a consistent effort of our Organisation. For others it wioll be completed by this month. click for the orders. Order-1 , order-2 , order-3.

02.01.2012: CS along with some office bearers and branch secy of |BBSR greeted the CGMT with flower bookey at 1100hr and then attended the New Year assemble under CGMT office at Bhubaneswar from 1130hr to 1300hr. Then they paid the courtsey visit to GMs and other higher officers and offered flowewr bookey. In the after noon they greeted DGM ETR and then DGM ETP with flower bookey. In the new years assemble the CS spoke on the various issues for which BSNL is suffering loss. He emphasised on the wrong policy of the policy makers as well as the way ward attitude of the Govt. Photo-1 , Photo-2.

31.12.2011. On behalf of all the circle office bearers I wish you a happy new year-2012. Let us pray the God for all the good to our department BSNL at the same time let the whole world be blessed with peace and prosaperity where mankind enkindles mankindness with univerasal brother hood.

27.12.11: A great achievemnets for us that the out-circle transfer of Mr. Ashok Kumar Ray, our branch secretary of Rourkela branch has been cancelled by CO and endorsed by the CGMT office today. Congratulation to him. Efforts for all other genuine members are on to cancel such transfer orders.

27.12.11: CS took up meeting with the GM CFA, DGM Admn, o/o CGMT and discussed on all pending issues like holding DPC for TBP in all cadres especially PA/PS as their vig clearance has come since 2nd Dec. It was assured to complete all DPCs within ist week of January. The DPC for PA/PS is scheduled on 28Dec.

26.12.11: CS submitted a letter to the CGMT with copy to CE(E) and other CSs objecting high expenditure on upgrading the electrical establishments in T. Bhawan campus at Bhubaneswar. Click for the letter.

23.12.11: CS wrote to CGMT about the unused high gaudge electrical cable at Sambalpur. Click.

20.12.11: Hot News: 1. VR/VRS is not a claim: Supreme Courte of India. Click for the news of judgement.
2. BSNL & MTNL are to recover 6444crore of outstanding bills from their users. Click for the news.

19.12.11: The Circle Secretaries of all executives Association i.e. AIBSNLEA, SNEA, AIGETOA and President of BSNLEU joinmtly took up a meeting with the CGMT to protest against the stopping the isuuance of Diary-2012. It was told that there are several units and item where expenditure can be curtailed. CGMT was convinced to release the issuance of diary to all executives and non-executives at the respectives rates.

15.12.11: The one day total strike was totally successful in our circle. CS attended the strikers at Cuttack and then at Bhubaneswar. The report from all the SSAs reached "successful". Thanks to all the members. As per the lattest news it appears that BSNL is going to be sunk by policy makers and DOT. It is appealed to all the members to get ready for final fight. Few snaps of the strike. In front of CGMT office: photo-1, By B"patna comrades: photo-2,By Dhenkanal conrades: photo-3, photo-4, . photo-5.

14.12.12: The JAC meeting of Odisha circle was held today in the union office of BSNLEU at Bhubaneswar. Presidents and CSs of AIBSNLEA, SNEA, BSNLU and NFTE; Bhubaneswar Branch secretaries of all above organisations were present. It is decided to organise the total strike on 15th December as per guide lines of JAC-CHQ. It is decided to spare emergency services like Power plant, Transmission and switching controls, exams from the strike. It is advised to remain alert that all the administrative offices remain unattended, take care that sabotage is not made. It is also advised not to enter into arguments with nonstrikers, convince them politely about their role and action. Uptodate informations will be sent to branch secretaries, organisers, circle office bearers in time.

13.12.2011: A meeting of UF(AIBSNLEA and SNEA) of Odisha circle branch is held today and few important discussions were held. Then both the Presidents and CSs took up a meetinmg with the CGMT for a number of burning issues.

9.12.11: One of the long fought battle is won over payment of fund towards pension at the rate of actual basic of an employee. Click for the order copy.

8.12.11: CS took up a meeting with the CGMT and discussed about the issues related to Berhampur branch, relieving of SDEs posted to NEs and other pretty issues.

3.12.11: BSNL issued clarifications on pay fixation on 2nd PRC. click for the order.

3.12.11: BSNL issued order for encashment of short fall EL by HPL. Click for order.

2.12.11: There was a massive candle march from the gate of o/o CGMT- Odisha to the Rajbhawan by the members of SNEA and AIBSNLEA. President BSNLEU com. S. Biswal also participated as a gesture of solidarity and support. About 150 members were there to move on two rows. The march started at 05:20PM and reached at 06:10PM. Hon Governor was not present at that time. The memorendum was handed over to the Officer i/c of his office. click for snaps. Photo-1 , Photo-2 , Photo-3.

01.12.2011: Thanks and congratulations to all the members, staff of Odisha Mobile unit for GSM revenue in the m/o Oct-11. click.

01.12.11: Our circle has been opposing the TAC since last 4years to reduce expenditure. CHQ has also taken up the issue befittingly but as MOC was not allowing on political reasons. However recently BSNL has taken up first step to stop telephone facility to TAC members. It is no doubt a win of us. Click for circular.

30.11.11: The United Forum of our Associations is going to observe silent candle march to respective district collectors in SSAs and Hon. Governor in circle HQ. All are requested to make it success with wide press coverage. Branch Secy and Presidents are requested to take prior permissionjm from Police and collectors. Members of Bhubaneswar are requested to assemble at 0445PM in front of o/o the CGMT- Odisha from where the candle march will start at 5PM sharp. Meeting with Hon Governor is fixed at 6PM.

28.11.11: CS spoke to the CGMT/ GM CFA and DGM(Admn) about the volatile situation created by the GMTD- Berhampur. It is politely told that the illogical transfer of one of our SDE who was posted as SDO N/W Operation- city-II few months back and has been appreciated by GM himself for excellant working, cannot be taken easily as the steps taken by the member is to diminish expenditure and stream line discipline. CS of SNEA(I)-Odisha also took up the matter very seriously and spoke to the CGMT. The matter is taken up in the united forum of our circle. Both the CS after through discussion wrote a letter to CGMT. Thanks to all the comrades of SNEA and AIBSNLEA of Berhampur branch who have jointly stood totally cohesive to safeguard the minimum presitige of an executive and enhance work culture in the sub-Division. Click for the letter.

26.11.11: CS spoke to CGMT Odisha as regard to the negetive attitude of the GMTD Berhampur. CS also spoke to CGMM Kolkata as regard to request transfer of Mr. Madhab Majhi, SDE OFC(m) Rourkela to A&N and in lieu of it the transfer order of Sri Avimanyu Jena, SDE OFC(m) Cuttack be cancelled. He agreed.

25.11.11: BSNL has issued letter on short term reemployment of executives on 8th November. Click for letter.

23.11.11: CS wrote a protest letter to the CE(Elec) with copy to the CGMT-Odisha about 50drums of electrical cable those are lying in T. Bhawan campus of Sambalpur unutilised since long. Click for the letter.

22.11.11: CS spoke to CGMT and GM HR for the wrongful order of GMTD Berhampur. It was assured to investigate and clarification will be asked from GMTD.

22.11.11: Day long Dharana was organised in front of CGMT office, and all other SSAs by United Front. A memorandum was submitted to CGMT also. A letter of protest was also given to CGM. Click.

21.11.11: As per CHQ directive the proforma of landline status, names of absobed STS and JAGs are sent to CHQ with contigency plan for our circle. Data-I , Data-II , Plan.

18.11.11: CS spoke and wrote to CGMT- Odisha for unjustfied order of Sri S. Panigrahi, SDOP- Berhampur. He assured to look into the matter. Click for the letter.

17.11.11: An order of delight for 10number of AOs: Com. Bhaskar Singh and others whose pay anomally is settled almost after a year of fight by Association with the Administration. Click for the order.

16.11.11: Massive demonstration was held on 15.11.11 during launch hour infront of the office of the CGMT Odisha. A huge number of members of AIBSNLEA, SNEA and AIBSNLEU participated. View. View-2, view-3.

14.11.11: A massive demonstration will be held infront of O/O CGMT and SSA HQs as per call given by CHQ. All the members are requested to make it success.

13.11.2011: The 9th CEC meet was held in Sambalpur on 12.11.11. At 9:30AM, the Association flag was hoisted by senior comrade Sri B. P. Mishra, Circle President among all the CEC members and some members of host btanch. It was followed by sky touching slogans: AIBSNLEA -Zindabad, 9th CEC- Zindabad, BSNL- Zindabad. Com President gave a short welcome address to all. The meeting started at 10AM with welcome address by Com. Santap K Jena, our branch secy- Sambalpur. He invited all the circle office bearers to start the CEC with thanks for the opportunity. Circle President welcomed all, agenda was passed, 2mint silence was conducted for departed souls, self introduction was made. The meeting was conducted as per agenda smoothly. All the branch secy read out their reports. CS summed up all the points and then read out the CS report. It was passed with discussions on few points. Com. S. K. Dalai, CHQ-Adv gave the details of CWC Jabalpur and other current issues of CHQ. Besides the CS report, CS elaborated on VRS and ITS absorption issues. Finance secy read out the audited report for last 7months. All the reports got passed with clapping of hands. The meeting was adjourned for launch break at 2PM. GMTD SBP, DGM- SBP, B.Secy- SNEA were invited for the occassion, and they attended. The after noon session started at 3:30PM, resolutions were adopted, vote of thanks was given by Com. N. Dandpat, ACS. The meeting ends at 4PM with National Anthem. President. CS, CHQ-Adv and B. Secy, SBP had a brief discussion with GMTD- Sambalpur for some local issues. Few snaps are here. Photo-1 , Photo-2 , Photo-3 , Photo-4 , Photo-5 , Photo-6 , Photo-7,Photo-8, Photo-9, Photo-10 , Photo-11 , Photo-12 , Photo-13 , Photo-14 , Photo-15 , Photo-16 , Photo-17, Photo-18 , Photo-19 , Photo-20, Photo-21 , Photo-22 , Photo-23

11.11.11: The special CL sanction letter is received. Click for the copy.

11.11.11: Report of the Circle Secy to be placed in Sambalpur CEC is given here. All are requested to go through and send any comments & clarifications through their branch representative. CS Report.

09.11.11: CEC will start at 0900hr sharp and end at 1600hr. Bring the points of discussion, suggestions and resolutions if any. Click for the Agenda.

04.11.11: Attention all the branch Pres and secy: Please reach Sambalpur venue before 9AM of 12.11.11. The meeting will end by 4PM. Bring your branch report typed. The report must contain the G.B. meetings held during last 6months. The names of members, the quota payment position member wise. The office bearers will be given TA @ SL class rail fare. Pl coordinate with B.Secy of Sambalpur Mr. Santap Kumar Jena ( Mob 9437011370) for your arrival and stay.

28.10.11: CS took up a meeting with the IFA-Orissa circle and discussed on few request transfer cases before coming March. He assuired to try for all eligible.

28.10.2011: A special general body meeting cum seminar on viability of BSNL was held in the seminar hall of the TD Bhubaneswar. Aboutr 80members from all the wings were present. Com K N Sahu, br secy of BBSR welcomed all and read out agenda. CS and CHQ Adv briefed on last CWC. Debate on viability was held and a number of points were shortlisated for taking up with BSNL. Like austerity measure on use of vehicle, consumption of diesel, reduction of electricity bill, purchase of non marketable items etc. President of BBSR branch com. L N Mohaptra gave vote of thanks.

27.10.11: Indian Telecom Hot news:

BSNL, MTNL take steps to recover Rs 5000-cr dues
Business Standard:: Ailing state-run telecom companies Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) are yet to recover over Rs 5,000 crore from subscribers as dues for non-payment of bills. For BSNL, which operates all over the country, barring Delhi and Mumbai, the amount is Rs 4,200-4,500 crore. MTNL, which offers services in Delhi and Mumbai, has already appointed agents to recover about Rs 800 crore, which has been pending since 2007. An MTNL official said, "The dues arise because of an individual subscriber buying two SIM cards or there is a change in address." BSNL and MTNL have been losing revenues and market share steadily amid an intense price war in the telecom industry.

BSNL offers to surrender BWA spectrum in 17 circles
Economic Times:: At a time when private operators are scrambling for more spectrums, loss-making state-run BSNL has offered to surrender its Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) spectrum in 17 circles, seeking refund of Rs 8,313.80 crore. It wants to retain only Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, and Haryana service areas, said a source from the Department of Telecommunications (DoT). BSNL has been facing severe financial pressure, as its losses have more than tripled to about Rs 6,000 crore during 2010-11.


Draft National Telecom Policy 2011: India semiconductor fab is key
EE Herald:: The Draft National Telecom Policy 2011 points out that India is heading for a strong and committed local electronics design and manufacturing. Among the objectives of the policy, is the promotion of the domestic production of telecommunication equipment to meet 80% Indian telecom sector demand through domestic manufacturing with a value addition of 65% by the year 2020. To ensure focused indigenous development in the telecom sector, efforts would be concentrated towards a definite policy direction by creating a suitable road-map to align technology, demand, standards and regulations, after considered evaluation of candidate technologies and the emerging trends. Also, to ensure security in an increasingly insecure cyber space, indigenously manufactured multi-functional SIM cards with indigenously designed chips incorporating specific laid down standards are considered critical.

26.10.11: The first CEC is scheduled at Sambalpur on 12.11.11 (2nd Saturday). All the circle office bearers, branch Pres and Secy are requested to attend it. Details of programme will be given soon. Click for the notice.

26.10.11: President and CS on behalf of all the circle office bearers wish you a HAPPY DIWALI.

25.10.11: Indian Telecom hot news: BSNL ends deals with private Telcos:(Times of India:) BSNL escalated its long standing hostility with private carriers/operators to disconnect Airtel, Idea, and Vodafone customers from its network, on account of huge outstanding of distance-based carriage charges to the tune of Rs 13 crore. This means that the customers of these three operators cannot connect with BSNL customers and vice versa. However, BSNL has allowed the customers of these private operators to make emergency calls to BSNL numbers 100, 101, 102, & 108.BSNL said it had withdrawn connectivity after giving prior notice and sufficient time as per interconnect agreements with these operators. BSNL's press statement did not specify which circles this pertained to but industry sources say this pertains to the Maharashtra circle. BSNL has already disconnected private operators in Punjab and Haryana. According to Rajan Mathews, Director General of COAI, BSNL is violating both TDSAT and TRAI directives.

24.10.11: Bhubaneswar branch is going to hold a special Gen body meeting on 28.10.11 to which the CWC team is being invited to apprise on the issues discussed in Jabalpur CWC.

24.10.2011: A long list of request transfer cases of SDE and JTOs in ETR was released on 18.10.11. It was by our continuous persuation with the CGMM. Congradulation to them: L. Agasti JTO OFC Koraput to BBSR. M D Nayak SDE OFC from Berhampur to Balasore, Nandiram Nayak SDE OFC from Bhawanipatna to Keonjhar etc.

23.10.2011: An overview of CWC meet at Jabalpur:   Our CWC team was comprised of Com. B. P. Mishra, President-AIBSNLEA and DGM(F); o/o GMTD-Bhubaneswar, B. D. NATH, Circle Secretary and Com. Santap Kumar Jena, JTO (C)- Sambalpur and CWC member-I. The team was also accompanied by Com. S. K. Dalai, CHQ Advisor(L). The team started the journey on 17.10.11 morning 7AM from BBSR by BBSR-Mumbai Exp. As there was no direct train to Jabalpur, break journey was made at Bilaspur at 1730hr. The team caught the Durg- Bhoipal Amar Kantak Exp from Bilaspur at 2230hr and reached JBLP at 0630hr on 18.10.11. Stay arrangement was done in Jagdish Bhawan hostel of TTC JBLP for the team and Bikram Vawan for CHQ Adv(L). The programme and agenda were given to all on arrival.
 The team members got time and scope to interact with other office bearers and CWC members from all over country about different issues to be discussed in CWC meeting.
    On 19.10.11 the flag was hoisted at 0930hr in the TTC front line with slogans. The meeting started at 1000hr sharp. The details of meeting are available in CHQ website.
Participations by our team:  Besides the report by circle secy, our team participated in the following discussions:

  1. VRS: There was serious discussion on this issue. Some members favours the scheme some opposes. General Secy briefed that as a trade union policy all Associations do oppose VRS as it is never a conducive affair for any company because of (1) the expert hands do drain out. (2) The company suffers financial burden. (3) The works of company hampers qualitatively and out-sourcing is a must. (4) Opposition to VRS will compel the company to enhance the quantum of offers etc. Our circle secretary gave the following opinion: VRS is a no doubt a lucrative offer for members but it is a sweet killing system of golden-egg-hatching hen for the employee. It will no doubt reduce the best working hands- the working strength (members) and thus the trade unionism, Associationism will automatically die out. Since working force will be less, Association will not be having strength to redress the service quality of employee with the company. Administration of company will exercise monopoly. Maximum work will be done by outsourcing. Thus it will lead to “Privatisation” that the department has been really trying since long. Days were there when privatization of a company in the international forum was helping its growth but those days have gone as seen from the decline economy of developed countries.  Thus it is advised to oppose the VRS tooth and nail.

   After deliberations from all the circle secretaries and CWC members it was decided to oppose VRS but the strike call given on 10th November be deferred to January because of present situations of BSNL.

  1. ITS absorption issue:  General Secy first briefed about the issue with present status. He said that now the Telecom ministry is very serious on absorption. A final offer has been given to them that end on 8th November.  If they do not agree they must be sent to surplus cell of GOI. In that case our Gen Secretaries of Joint Forum was asked by Telecom secy whether our senior members can manage or not. It was advised to send the resolution of the house to submit to the GOI that we pledge to manage the situation if so develops. In any case our Association does not allow any further lingering on the issue.
  1. Discussion on Gen Secy report:  The General Secy report was being discussed Para wise and passed with suggestions. In ACP scheme for Civil wing the views were placed by our CWC member Com S K Jena. He emphasized that the promotional avenue of civil wing JTOs is almost blink. The HR issued be properly dressed up with ACP up to 2007. The number of SDE posts also found less as declared by the Department. GS assured to give serious thought and invited to Delhi for detailed discussions across the table.
    The meeting ended at 2100hr of 20.10.11. And our team returned nextday by Balsad-Puri express that reached BBSR at 0915hr of 22.10.11.

22.10.2011: The website suffered server problem and got rectified on 19th. Thus the pre CWC matter couldnot be uploaded. How ever it is loaded today.

16.10.2011: President, Circle Secy and CWC members are proceeding to Jabalpur tomorrow to attend the CWC. Click here for (1) Resolutions. (2) Report of CS at CWC. Report of CS at CWC.

15.10.2011: CS discussed with the CGMT Odisha for (1) not relieving SDEs/DEs for NEs. Click for the letter. (2) Objecting wrong decisions of GMTD-Berhampur. Click for the letter.click for the letter.

11.10.11: A circle office bearers' meeting was held in Bhubaneswar today and the following agenda was discussed. 1. Adoption of resolutions for coming CWC at Jabalpur. 2. Finalisation of strategy for the CWC.

06.10.2011: HAPPY DUSHERA. Pres and CS wish you all a magnificient and memorable Vijaya Dasami and let us pledge to bring back our BSNL to No.1 Telecom service provider company of our country.

30.09.2011: CS met the GM(F) and discussed on long pending request transfer cases. DGM(F) and CAO CA were also present. It was decided to oblige few genuine cases without TA/Transit. Recently received application of Sri U C Das, AO, Sambalpur is handed over. Click for the letter.

28.9.11: Congratulation to our Vicew-President Com. R. K. Panda, DE CMTS Bhubaneswar as he has been choosen for "Vishishtta Sanchar Seva Padak-2011"by CGMT Odisha. It is an example that our office bearers are also devoted workers of BSNL. Click for the letter.

24.9.11: BSNL CO issued clarification on availing leave encashment on LTC for spouse. Click for letter.

23.9.11: O/O CGMT- Odisha issued letter for submitting biodata from SDEs whose time bound promotion is due by Oct-2011. All the Branch Secy are requested to persue for early compliance. Click for letter.

21.9.11: CS spoke and wrote to GS about cancelling the transfer order of the branch secretary of Rourkela. Click for the letter

19.9.11: Koraput branch holds biannual conference on 18.9.11 in the conference hall. The meeting started with introductory speech by the President and followed by the report of the Brach secy and Fin secy. All got passed. Branch secy and President of SNEA attended as guest of honor. Circle secy in his speech highlighted on importance of the organisation, recent circle issues and CHQ issues. He also answered on various questiones raised by the members. The election was conducted after launch. The following members were elected unanimously as the office bearers: President: Com I.P.Dwibedi, Br. Secy: Com P. K. Das. A. B. Secy: Com M. Sahu. F. Secy: Com.D. P. Das. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Com K C Pattnaik. click photos.

16.9.11: Our present CGMT- Odisha Sj. A. N. Rai is going to be relieved tomorrow (17.9.11) and proceeding to BSNL CO to join as Director EB. He was a good administrator and has extended all his good offices for the causes of our members as well as the BSNL-Odisha. We wish him good health, more dynamic leadership for our BSNL. All our circle office bearers are assembling tomorrow at 1700 hr to bid farewell. At the same time Sj. N. K. Bhoi is taking the charge as our new CGMT. We welcome him grandly as we feel he is the right choice for Odisha BSNL.

13.9.11: Koraput branch is going to hold its biannual branch conference at Koraput on 18.9.11. Wish all success.

12.9.11: As per decisions of JAC at CHQ level we are to participate whole day Dharana and demonstration in all the SSA HQ and circle HQ on 14.9.11 from 10AM to 6PM. All the members, organisers, office bearers are requested to call their SSA level JAC and coordinate. Members who are to participate in Dharana must take prior leave.

9.9.11: Indian Telecom Hot News. Click.

05.09.2011:A circle office bearers' meet was held today at Bhubaneswar and the views of amendments to Transfer Policy is discussed. Views sent by different Branch Secretaries, Presidents, Organisers were taken into account and finalised for submitting to the CHQ. Click for the context.

02.09.2011: CS along with ACS and Adv CHQ met the CGMT and GM-HR and requested to forward the applications of newly elected circle office bearers to BSNL CO. Click for the letter. CGM and GM-HR were also requested not to relieve any more SDE/DE for out circle transfer. Click for the letter.

02.09.2011: CS along with ACS and CHQ Adv met CCA and discussed seriously about the lackona in CCA to settle pension issues. Demand for early settlement is placed with strong words. Click for the letter.

27.8.11: Office of CGM ETR KOL has called for option from SDEs for the post of DE OFC(m) Keonjhar. Click for the letter.

27.08.2011: Congratulation to our unity. CGM ETR KOL has cancelled the calling option order for the post of DE OFC(m) Berhampur as it was objected by us. It was objected because volunteer is available from the DE cadre. Click here for the letter issued by CS to CGM on dt.11.8.11. Click for the cancellation order of CGMM KOL.

25.8.11: CS spoke with the CGMM ETR KOL for delay in issuing the correct date of implimentation of first time bound promotion of 5 number of JTOs (L.Agasti, JTO OFC Koraput, A. Mallick, JTO OFC Rayagada and others). He assured early issuance. Click for the letter.

24.8.11: CS spoke to GS and Org Secy(E) for early settlement of some long pending cases and early cancellation of huge transfer of SDE/DEs. click for letter-1, Letter-2.

19.8.2011: A circle-office-bearers' meeting is held today in Bhubaneswar and the following discussions and decisions were taken up: (1) Huge transfer of executives of our circle to NE circles especially in engineering wing: It is decided to raise the issue with the Admn and CHQ to see the present strategy adoipted by BSNL and finalise for future. CS will see that no executive is relieved within Nov-30 and all efforts be taken up to reduce the number. (2): There will be a CEC after the CWC and all branch secretaries will be asked to submit their agenda for CWC and the resolutions for CWC be finalised 15days before the commencement of CWC. Thus all brach secretaries are requested to hold their general body meeting and finalise the resolutions for the same. (3) It is decided that President, CS, CWC members will be attending to the CWC at Jabalpur that is scheduled on 15th and 16th October.

17.8.11: CS spoke with the GS about the DO letter from CGMT-OR to Dir(HRD) to reduce the number of postings in the cadre of SDE/DE from our circle to hard tenure circles. GS assured to persue with the authority. CS also spoke with the CGMM ETR KOL for various pending issues.

16.08.2011: Transfer and posting order in the cadre of SDE/DE under CGMT-Odisha is declared along with few officiatiung promotion from SDE(T) to AGM(T). In this order some long pending request transfer of our members got materialised. click for the order.

13.8.11: CS and the circle office bearers wish you all a happy and glamorous Rakshyabandhan and Independence day.

10.08.2011: CS spoke to the CGMT-OR as regard to the loose security in the T.Bhawan at Sambalpur and manhandling by bandh supporters on one of our loyal executive that too when he was on duty. A strongly worded protest letter was given. Click for the letter.

8.8.11: Long awaited request transfer of Sri A. K. Khilar, PA got materialised from Dhenkanal to Bhubaneswar. It was a great achivement on the part of our organisation as it was pressurised in a different directions at appropriate time. click for the order.

5.8.11: CS along with ACS(F), ACS(E) and BS-BBSR took a long and serious meeting with the CGMT-Orissa and discussed the following with submission of letter:
1. Huge transfer of DE/SDEs from our circle to tenure places and demanded for a strong DO letter and not to relieve a single one till BSNL CO takes some decisions on giving relaxation to those who serve in tenure places of our circle and stick to transfer policy genuinly and uniformly basing on transfer policy. Click for letter.
2. Strong resentment on non settlement of pay anomally case of a large number of accounts comrades was expressed and demanded for early decision. Click for the letter.
3. The unjustified transfer of Sri B. D. Mishra, AD(MM) is expressed and requested for sticking to BSNL transfer policy(corr). Click for the letter.
4. Request transfer cases of Sri D. Majhi DE Koraput and Sri B B Pradhan AO- Bhawanipatna were handed over and requested for early order as they have completed the tenures. Click for the letter.Letter-2.

5.8.11: CS spoke to CGMM ETR and requested for early order for fulfilling the vaccant post of DE OFC(m) Berhampur. He assured.

04.08.11: CS spoke to the GS as regard to posting order of excess number of DE/SDEs from our circle to tenure places of other circles. click for the letter.

02.08.2011: CS spoke to the GS and discussed on various issues especially the transfer order of such a huge number of sr. SDEs and DEs to tenure places. He informed that he has already raised the issue with the Pers section. CS also raised issue of late entry level training for JTO(C). click for the letter.

30.07.11: Happy retirement: Com. Saroj Kumar Lenka and Com. Nabaghana P anda both regular AGM retired from BSNL active service today. We wish them a happy retired life of a long and peaceful one.

30,07,2011: The circle office bearers' meeting was held 0n 29-July in BBSR, the proposed amendments on EPP are discussed and all the points decided to be sent to GS. click for the brief.

28.07.2011: BSNL has written a letter to the Gen Secy seeking the opinion on some modification on Executives' Promotion Policy. It is available in the CHQ sebsite. All the members, organisers, office bearers are requested to analyse the proposal and send the opinion to the Circle Secy within today or tomorrow. Circle office beaers are sitting tomorrow to0 finalise the suggestive points. CS

25.07.201: Request transfer(mutual) case of our JTO member Mr. B N Barik of Balasore and RR Seth of Bhubaneswar branch got materialised after a lot of persuation by us. click here fror the order.

22.07.2011: CS spoke to the CGMM ETR Kolkata about the request transfer of Sri U N Sahu from Keonjhar to Berhampur as he is going to retire within 2years. click for the letter.

20.7.11: CS took meeting with the CGMT-Odisha and discussed about the transfer of Mr. S D Barik and Mr. R C Khandei who are/have completed tenure posting in KBK districts but ordered by BSNL CO to NETF. He assured to look into the matter and try favourably. It is further demanded to mention the tenure posting of executives in the remark column of the list being sent to CO for stay particulars. Better delete their names totally. He accepted. click here for letter.

19.7.11: CS talked to the CGMT- Odisha and discussed about his urgent intervention on transfer of Mr. S D Barik, DE Bhawanipatna and R C Khandei, DE RKL to NETF and to be relived within 7days. Since both the members are serving tenure places the tranfer is not justified. He assured to look into.

18.7.11: CS along with the ACS-E com. A.K.Maity, CHQ-Adv com S.K.Dalai took up a serious meeting with the GM-F as regard to long pending decisions of some staff benefit files. He expressed sorry for the delay and assured to clear up within 10days.
CS handed over two letters to CGMT-OR for a request transfer case and a mutual transfer case. Letter-1, letter-2.

16.7.11: It is great delight matter that all the offices those were running in rented accomodations in Rourkela under the jurisdiction of GMTD-Rourkela are accomodated in BSNL premises. It is a great achievment by RKL branch of our Association who resolved and took up the issue in the last branch conference. Our branch secy com. A K Roy was assigned as the chief of the committee formed by GMTD. Congratulation to all the members of RKL branch.

11.7.11: Transfer of S.K.Pati is cancelled. He is recovering is Kaling hospital.

8.7.11: CS spoke with and wrote to the CGMT-OR, GM CFA, DGM-A and AGM-A for cancelling transfer ortder of Sri S. K. Pati who met a fatal accident on 6.7.11 and strugglicg for life in Kalinga Hospital- BBSR. He was relieved from o/o GMTD BBSR and was on transit to join in Bhawanipatna. click herefor the letter. Also discussewd about few request transfer cases. CS also spoke with and sent a reminder letter to CGMM ETR KOL for tranfering back all the JTOs SDEs who have already served more than three years in hard places like Koraput. He immediately called the DGM Admn and instructed for the order.

05.07.2011: CS wrote letter to the CGMT Odisha requesting to sanction TA/Transit for Sri Nilamani Bag, CAO, o/o the GMTD-Sambalpur that he was disallowed in his last transfer from Baripada to Sambalpur.
click for the letter.

04.07.11: CS spoke with the GS about various pending issues with our circle like: Clarification on tenure postings in parent circle, Transfering back of out circle executives, Deferment of tenure postings of sr SDEs etc. As per his advice emails are sent. click for the letter.

01.07.2011: CS along with the ACS-F and BS-BN met the CGMT-OR and discussed on recommending the applications of those 6 sr SDEs who are transfered to NE. He assured to do so after seeing the statistics.
click for the letter.

01.07.2011: The transfer of Mr. Alok R Mohanty JAO ETP BBSR is held up by the CGM ETP KOL. It is because of our strong protest with the authority. It is real victory of our Association against an ill motive by a sister union.

30.06.2011: CS spoke to the CGM ETP Kolkata and discussed about the unusual transfer of a JAO Mr. Alok Mohanty o/o the DGM ETP BBSR. He discussed in detail about the letter and assured not to relieve the officer. click for the letter.

29.6.11: CS met the newly joined DGM ETP Bhubaneswar Mr. G.C. Bidika and welcomed him for his posting. CS requested him to expedite the pending project works in Odisha so that the performance of ther circle will be more brightened. The DGM also sought our full cooperation for the same.

20.6.11: CS met the CGMM ETR at Kolkata on 18.6.11 and discussed about long pending request transfer cases in Odisha sub region. He assured that those will be considered shortly. CS met the CGMT Odisha on 20.6.11 for request place of posting of those DEs posted to NE-II circle. He assured that those he will speak directly to the CGMT if transferees submit their requests.

16.06.11: CS along with BS-BBSR met the CGMT-OR and discussed on: (1) Cancellation/deferment of presently out-circle transfer order in the cadre of SDEs. It was clarified that already 2SDEs have joined out of 6 in NE circle and again 6 sr. SDEs that too very seniors who are also leftnants of front line officers for their strong technical reputation have been ordered. Those SDEs are expecting their DE promotions within a month or so. CGMT got convinced and assured to discuss wikth CO and atleast it can be defered. CS also requested to help those volunteers who have got relieved and request for place of posting in NE circle. CGMT assured full cooperation. (2) CS also reminded for materialisation of all rtequest transfer cases and it was assured that only those cases where expenditure is not involved will be considered. (3) CS also intimated that the transfer and posting orders of o/o CGMT are not strictly followed by SSA heads. CGMT clarifies that GMs have the power of changing the DEs for efficiency.

15.06.2011: CS met the GM(F) and pressuruised on quick decision on the files pending with him on members issues. He assured to release soon.

12.06.2011: CS was invited by the AIBSNLEU to their circle conference at Bhubaneswar as a guest of honour and convenor of JAC. A warm welcome was given to him. CS addressed the open session highlighting on the present health of the BSNL and proposed few economy measures. He also spoke on the importance of JAC at CHQ level. He was gifted by the President of the union.

9.6.11: Transfer and posting with officiating from SDE to DE is issued by o/o CGMT-Odisha. Request change of place of posting by Sri T. P. Behera, SDE in GMTD, Cuttack is obliged. Click for the order.

4.6.11: The much awaited Time bound promotion in Accts and Finance wing of Odisha circle is declared. Delay was due to nonavailability of CRs in time. Click for the order.

2.6.11: President, CS, Adv(L), ACS met the CGMT Odisha and congratulate him for his prestigeous promotion as Director(E&B). He assured to full support to the circle in all the future. CS handed over the lateral promotion case of Mr. R N Parida, SDE, GMTD, Cuttack. click for the letter.

2.6.11: Pres, CS, ACS,and Adv(L) paid a coursey visit to CE(C) with aflower bookey for his new posting. They discussed about (i) No disclosure of APAR to executives. (ii) Space audit and rearrangements. (ii) Encroachment to BSNL vacant plots etc. He assured to look into all.

24.05.11: One of the major resolutions taken in Rourkela CEC about enhancing the Income Tax ceiling of gratuity from 3.5L to 10L. GS was trying for the same. The result is achieved today. The BSNL issued the order after getting clarification from Income Tax. Click for the letter.

24.05.2011: CS wrote to the CGMT second time on the arbitary letter of CCA to take back some assets from Odisha-BSNL. click for the letter.

24.05.2011: The JAC met today in BBSR and handed over a letter to the CGM. Click for the letter.

24.05.11: CS talked to GS on 21.5.11 as regard to settlement of long pending issues and few new cases. click here for the letter.

24.05.11: CS met the GM-HRD cum CFA, DGM(Admn) and AGM(A) and seriously demaqnded early order for left out request transfer cases. Click for the letter.

24.05.11: The 2nd circle office bearers' meet was held in BBSR and the following decisions were taken up: 1. Com SC Samal VP,SDE RTTC is entrusted to organising matter of comrades of ETR and ETP. Com. S K Rout OS, SDE(C) BN is entrusted the organising matter on civil, electrical and Arch wing. 2. The account of last circle conference is officially accepted. It is decided to hold the audit by our internal audit com. P. Panda CAO, RTTC BBSR. An external auditor is also proposed by the Office bearers. Com A. K. Sinha, CAO TRA-II BBSR is unanimously choosen.

23.05.2011: CS spoke with the CGM and GM ETR Kolkata about few of the left out request transfer cases. He pressurised that the delay is clustering heavy resentment among all the ETR staff in Odisha and posting of officers in distant places will be more difficult if timely rotation is not done. Click here for the letter.

22.05.11: The 2nd circle office bearers meet is scheduled on 24.5.11 in Bhubaneswar.

18.05.2011: CS met GM(F) CGMT-OR for early settlement of all issues pending with his office.

16.05.2011: CS wrote to the GMTD-Balasore for accomodating all the BSNL offices running on rent. click letter.

12.05.11: CONDOLENCE: It is matter of sad that one of our bonafide member Sri B. K. Behera, SDO Phone-I of Bhubaneswar passed away today in Kaling Hospital after a severe heart attack. He was a very sincere officer dedicating to the BSNL service in toto. We mourn for the sad demise and pray God for the departed soul.

12.05.11: A circle level JAC meeting was held today at Bhubaneswar for finalising the modus of observing customer delight month in a more qualitative manner. The following decisions were taken up. 1. Banners will be displayed in all CSC and CCNs of the circle. Where customers will be given full confidence to get their problems solved within a short time. JAC members in all level are to discuss with all the CSC officers to expedite the solutions more quickly. JAC members will also meet the SSA heads to sort out problems if any for quick restoration of faults. A press conference will be called in the last week of May. The text of scripts on banner will be e-mailed to BS tomorrowl so that those can be displayed soon.

12.5.11: It is matter of pride that one of our bonafide comrade, Sri Bishnu Charan Sahu, SDE FC; ETR of Cuttack division also holds the portfolio of A. branch secy of Cuttack branch has been bestowed with the 'Odiya Sahitya Academy Award' for his short story: "Gotie Gaon ra Chitrapata" (Pictureque of a village) for the year-2007. He is a writer, a poet, a music composer, a good singer and a good orator also. He has been writting in a true and unique Odiya style since long. His pics and pieces are always aclaimed by all the renowned writters and thus his writting are coming almost all leading Odiya megazines. He has also earned good name in wrtting in English and translating his writings to English. He has always been helped by our Association to post him to a comfortable place so that he can exercise his talent. I congratulate him on behalf of all our members. He has also been congratulated by all the office bearers of CHQ and other circles, CGMT Odisha, CGMM ETR, Gen Secy and all.

11.5.11: Dhenkanal branch organised biennial conference today at Dhenkanal. All the members of the branch were present. Report of the BS and FS was passed. CS attended the conf. Before the meeting CS met the GMTD and discussed about the problems of the SSA as regard to viability of BSNL. Invitees from sister Associations, GM, DGM enjoyed the launch. Election for the next session was held and Mr. A. K. Khilar is elected again as BS, Mr. H. Sahoo CAO as President com. D. D. Biswal, JAO as FS.

10.05.2011: Dhenkanal branch is going to hold its conference tomorrow at Dhenkanal. President, CWC members, CS, VP have been invited by the branch secy.

10.05.2011: Congratulation: It is known that the motive of CCA(DOT) to take the GMTD bldg of Bhubaneswar and 57qrs is blocked by CGMT. It was because of our strong opposition with supporting points. CS is collecting more valuable points to convince the CGMT and GS so that we will be succeeded intoto. CS along with the ACS(F) met the GM(F) and demanded for quick decision on pay anomally cases of few members of A&F wing.

10.05.2011: Our consistent effort resulted in issuing order of 2nd time bound promotion in Accounts and Finance wing in E4 to E5 and E5 to E6. click for the order. E4-E5 order. E5-E6 order.

09.05.2011: CS spoke to CGMT Odisha opposing the ill motive of DOT to take back assets from BSNL. CS also spoke to GS and advised to oppose tooth and nail. click for letter.

05.05.2011: CS met the GM(F) and requested to clear up the files pending with him as regard to (i) Pay fixations in executive cadre under GMTD-Cuttack (ii) Pay anomally in some of the AOs. He assured to do it soon.

04.05.2011: The first meeting of circle office bearers was held today in Door Sanchar Bhawan, Bhubaneswar at 1630hr. 15 out of 20 were present The following agenda was discussed in detail and decisions were taken:1. Finalisation of resolutions received in last circle conference from different branches. Click for resolutions. 2. Receipt of account of last circle conf. 3. Guide line for customer delight. 4. Organisational procedures for Dhenkanal and Keonjhar branch. 5. Formation of committee for amalgamation of assets of both TESA and AFSOA. 6. Compliance on five points sought by the GS.

30.04.2011: After a long time fight the officiating order in the cadre of AGMs (E) is issued by o/o the CGMT-Odisha today. Maximum care has been taken to accommodate the aspirants in acceptable places. Click for order.

28.04.2011: CS submitted the list of newly elected office bearers to the CGMT-Odisha, CGMM-ETR Kolkata, CGMP-Kolkata and CHQ for approval and record. click here for the letter.

23.04.2011: The meeting started at 0930hr. President addressed the house stating on the financial health of the BSNL and advised how to improve. Then GS addressed the house touching all the issues and HR problems. Then a number of questions were asked by the members and answered by GS. The old body is dissolved at 12Hr. Com N. Tripathy was choosen as the election officer. Branch secretaries assembled for a conciousness. After launch at about 1500hr election was conducted and the new body is formed unanimously. Photo-59 , Photo of new office bearers. Photo-60.

22.4.11: After the launch all the delegates assembled in the Seminar hall of the RTTC for other transections. After the welcome address by the branch secy-BBSR, agenda was passed. Agenda. The branch secretaries read out their reports and CS summed up those. Then the report of the F. secy was submitted to the house and was passed. Now CS put up his report. CS Report. It was passed with a great applause. Then the Org Secy(E) com. Amit Gupta addressed the house statinmg the importance of our organisation and the present health of BSNL. Then the CWC-M and Adv to CHQ com. S. K. Dalai addressed the house stating on various HR issues that the executives lamenting on. The meeting adjourned at 2030hr. click for more photos: photo-34 , photo-35 , photo-36 , 37 , 38 , 39 ,40 , 41 , 42 , 43 , 44 , 45 , 46 , 47, 48 , 49 , 50, 51 , 52 , 53 , 54 , 55 , 56 , 57 , 58 ,

22.04.11: The binniel circle conference of our circle started with flag hoisting by circle President, CHQ President and GS at 0930hr in the RTTC campus. photo-a , photo-b ,photo-c , photo-d ,photo-e ,photo-f ,Then all the members assembled in much decorated Rabindra Mandap. The meeting committee did a mervelous job that can be seen from the photos. After receiving the guests i.e. CGMT-OR, CGM-ETR, CGM ETP, CHQ President, GS, CS-AIBSNLEU, Press and media, the branch secy-Bhubaneswar com. Kashinath Sahu invited all the guests and CS to the dias and welcomed. Flower bookey were offered to all the guests. Then Com. Narayan Tripathy AGM started anchoring by his traditional sanskrit slokas. The guests encindled the lamp of ghee. The BSNL prayer "ITNA SAKTI HAMKO DENA DATA..." was played. Then the CS: com. B. D. Nath read out the key note address. click here for the address. Then the CWC member cum advisor-L com. S. K. Dalai addressed the house about the different steps taken by our circle. Then circle President com. N. Dandpat and com. Dhupal, CS-AIBSNLEU addressed the house. It is followed by adress by OS(E) com. Amit Gupta., then by CHQ President com. Venugopal. President gave an elaborate statement on the financial health of the BSNL and appealed the members to work hard to earn more revenue. Then GS addressed the house by his traditional vibrating address about the step motherly attitude of the Govt. on India to appoint the CMD for last two years. So also all the top bass posts including Dir(F) is also laying vaccant for a long time. So he blamed the BSNL mangement for the loss as the same staff few years back were giviung profit.. He also spoke about all the wrong policIES of the BSNL so that we are suffering. Then all the CGMs addressed the house appreciating the steps taken up by our Association for the BSNL. There were about 400 members, invitees, old veterans present. All the GMs, DGMs of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack were also present. Photo-1.Photo-2 , Photo-3 , Photo-4 , Photo-5 , Photo-6 , Photo-7 , Photo-8 , Photo-9 , Photo-10 , photo-11 , photo-12 , photo-13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 19 , 20 , 21 , 22 , 23 , 24 , 25 ,26 , 28 , 29 , 30 , 31 , 32 , 33. The branch arranged a delicious launch in the CGMT office campus. All the invitees enjoyed it.

19.04.2011:CS submitted the protest letter to the CGM-ETP for the unlawful behaviour shown by some members of non-executive Association upon JAOs in o/o DGM-ETP Bhubaneswar. CGM-ETP has assured to talk to us face to face duringt his stay at Bhubaneswar on 21.4.11. click for the letter.

18.4.11: CS wrote to CE(C) "click for letter" and CGMT-OR for non intimation of a copy of APAR to the executives for last two years. "click for letter. Also CS submitted the proposal of new designation for executives. click for letter.

17.04.2011: CS submitted the resolutions adopted in last CEC held at Puri on 27.3.11. Click for resolutions.

15.04.2011: O/O CGMT-OR has sanctioned special CL for CEC members and delegates. The ratio of delegate is 30:1 with minimum 1 excluding the BS. click for the letter.

14.4.11: Posting order of DGM(offtg) in Telecom opn wing from DE(R) is issued by o/o CGMT-OR. Click for order.

13.04.11: Annual branch conference of Cuttack branch is held today in Cuttack under the presidentship of Com. B. D. Panda AGM. CS attended it. Branch secy report was read out by Com Sk. Fariuddin and was passed. FS secy report was also passed by the house. Delegates were selected for coming conference. CS answered to the questionirs from members on different issues. CS delivered the speech on recent circle issues and CHQ issues. Vote of thanks was given by Com. N. Pani, AGM. Glimpses: Photo-1 , Photo-2 , Photo-3 , Photo-4. The new set of office beares were elected unanimously by the members: Pres:R N Satpathy, CAO./ B. Secy: Com. B.N. Khilar, SDE,/ Asst.B.secy; Com. P K Nayak SDE./ Asst. B. Secy: Com. B C Sahu, SDE ETR. F.Secy: Com. D. B. Nayak, JAO.

12.04.11: CS wrote to the CGMM ETR Kolkata expressingt resentment on non consideration of request transfer cases. AGM(Admn) ETR spoke to CS in details about the issues. It was assured that care will be taken shortly. Click for the letter.

08.04.2011: Place of posting along with few request transfer cases is ordered under CGMM-ETR KOL.
click for copy.

08.04.2011: Officiating cum transfer and posting order for JTO to SDE under CGMT-OR is declared today. Few of our request cases has been obliged. Congratulation to them. Click for copy.

08.04.2011: The annual conference of Balasore branch is held today in the conference hall of a hotel-Kalinga. All the members were present. CS and CWC-m attended it and highlighted on CHQ and circle issues. Branch secy read out his report and it was passed by members. Report of FS is also passed. A new body is unanimously elected for coming session. Pres: Com S K Bal, CAO. / V-Pres. Com. M. D. Maharana. DET./ Branch Secy: Com. B. C. Barik PA to GMTD./ Asst. BS: Com. Sk. Sazid Md. SDE. /Fin Secy: Com. R. C. Sahu. Photo-1 , Photo-2 , Photo-3 ,

08.04.2011: A general body meeting of BBSR branch was held today and all the committee for conducting circle conference is formed as follows: 1. Transportation and accomodation committee: Com. N. Dandpat, 2. Meeting committee: Com H. K. Dash. 3. Food committee: Com. K. C. Jena.

01.04.11: Date of circle conference is fixed on 22 & 23 April-2011 in the RTTC campus. All the branch secretaries are requested to hold their general body meeting and finalise the delegates. They can send any number of delegates. Accomodation and fooding will be arranged. The delegate session will start at 1100hrs of 22nd April. Details of programmed will be given few days before the conference. Circle office bearers must reach within 7AM as pre-CEC will be held at 9AM to 11AM. BS must ensure the quota payment upto March-11. Cirtcle conference fee must be collected @Rs100/- per member and be deposited to circle treasurer within 22.4.11. We are arrawnging the conference without collecting any delegate fees or souvenirs. So payment of all other dues like quota, legal fund, circle conf fees etc. must be cleared before 22.4.11. Click here for the notice.

31.3.11: AIBSNLEA-Orissa circle wishes a happy retired life for com. S. N. Swain, DGM(F) RKL, Com. H. K. Pani DE DKL, Com. PC Mishra DE BBSR, Com Ch. Prdahan DE CTK, Com M. P. Sahu, DE CO BN.

30.03.11: CS wrote to CGMT-Orissa for scrapping of store and retention of DEs who are transfered to NE. Letter-1 , Letter-2.

27.03.11: The CEC is held at Puri in the august presence of the organising secy(E). The meeting started with the hoisting of flag amidst the slogan"AIBSNLEA-Zindabad". After welcome address by the BS-BBSR Com. Kasinath Sahu and self introduction, all the BSs read out their reports. It was followed by summing up of reports by CS. Then CS read out the full report that covers from 1.8.10 to 25.3.11. Then the CWC-m addressed the house on CHQ developments. Org secy_E addressed the house with different issues those are active in CHQ. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by com. H. K. Dash, ACS-F. Click here for the cs report.
Photo-1 , Photo-2 , Photo-3 , Photo-4 , Photo-5 , Photo-6 , Photo-7 , Photo-8 , Photo-9 , Photo-10 , Photo-11 , Photo-12 , Photo-13 , Photo-14. Photo-15 , Photo-16 , Photo-17 , Photo-18 , Photo-19 , Photo-20.

26.03.2011: CEC at Puri is all set to welcome the CEC members. Reports, resolutions will be uploaded soon.

23.03.2011: CS met DGM(m) ETR for some request transfer cases in ETSR. There was an executive body meeting in Bhubaneswar division. CS and CWC-m attended it. All the 5 asst. B.S. are assigned the organisational activities and all the executive members are requested by CS and CWC-m to work sincerely.

22.03.3011: Special CL for CEC members (circle office bearers, Branch secy) has been sanctioned by CGMT-OR. Click here for the order.

20.03.2011: HAPPY HOLI. President, CS and CWC-M wish you all a colorful and spledid holi. let us pledge to paint our esteemed organisation and BSNL with more color with fragrance.

17.03.2011: Notice for CEC at Puri is circulated and letter issued to CGMT to sanction special CL. All the BS are requested to : Ensure that their quota both circle and CHQ upto March-11, legal fees @ Rs100/- per member are remitted to circle treasurer. If deposited in the bank account then details of deposit and letter be handed over to the FS otherwise it will not be possible to issue receipt. BS must bring report stating present membership, developments from Aug-10 to March-11. The dates of general body meeting held, the resolutions for circle and CHQ both solved and unsolved, ensure diary bill payment, branches must have conducted their general body meeting before coming to CEC. All must reach lattest by 8AM of 27th in the venue. Meeting will end by 1700hrs and they may return in the eveninmg. Click here for the notice.

17.03.11: Hot news: (1). A.Raja, ex-minister comn, is going to be charge sheeted by CBI most probably today.
(2) Nuclear reactors in India are more safe unlike those of Japan and other countries as its cooling system bases on surrounding water and uses Uranium as fissible material. It will never explode in any circumstances even on earth quake.
(3) India has the defence system by which it can switch off the internet system totally in case of emergency. Even it can be for a part of the country.

16.03.2011: A long persued request transfer cases of few DEs are ordered today by o/o CGMT. Click here for the letter.

16.03.2011: CS along with ACS and BS-BN met CGMT and demanded (I) early decision on officiating promotion for SDEs to DEs since there is no more court bars. It was assured to decidxe soon. Click here for the letter.
(II) Discussed on several economy measures with expenditure for CCA and TERM cell. All the points were discussed vividly and certain steps are decided. Click here for the letter.
(III) Also discussed about request transfer cases, posting of efficient AGM(L), allotment of vacant quarters for other Govt organisation, occupation of two qr by TWO in Sambalpur etc. It was a very meaningful one.

15.03.2011: CS spoke to CGMM ETR KOL for additional request transfer cases. Pl. note that all the request transfer cases will be without TA/Transit as per recent circular of BSNL. Click here for the letter.

14.03.2011: Much fought and awaited lateral promotion order in the cadre of JTO, SDE and DE are released by o/o CGMT Orissa. Click here for the order. Order-1 , Order-2 , Order-3 , Order-4.

13.03.2011: Bhubaneswar branch organised the annuial conference on 12.03.11 in the auditorium of the RTTC. Association flag was hoisted at 1000hr. CS and CWC-M attended the meeting. About 100 members were present. BS report and the FS report were passed by the house. Click here for the report. The following members were elected unanimously as the office bearers. President: Sri L. N. Mohapatra, AGM CO., V. Pres: Chaitanya Sahu, CAO Plg., BS: Sri Kashinath Sahu, AO IOBAS, CO; ABS: Mr. SN Aruk, SDE CO, Mr. KC Nayak, SDE OFC(m) ETR, Mr. R.K. Panda, AGM CMTS., Mr. P.K.Rout AO GMTD, Mr.Ashok Dash, AO civil. Treasurer: K.C.Chaudhury JAO CA CO. CWC-M and Adv-L com. SK Dalai deliberated on the CHQ issues and recently concluded CHQ office bearers' meet. CS spoke on circle issues and on role of individual members towards the duties for BSNL. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by com. KC Jena.
Click here for photos.Photo-1, Photo-2, , Photo-3 , Photo-4 , Photo-5 , Photo-6 , Photo-7.

11.3.11: Bhubaneswar branch is going hold their conference on 12.3.11. CS and CWC-M will attend the meeting. Let us wish for a successfully & colorful conference.

11.03.2011: It is a highly commendable job done by Mr. Kasinath Sahu, AO IOBAS, CO and also BS of Bhubaneswar branch. That during last two months his personal involvement has earned Rupees 5.73 crore from a lost revenue from Reliance and TATA Tele. It was a hidden treasure for us. It has added to Orissa circle profit for this year. Practically those two private operators misused our WLL fixed data to WLL(M) data and so they had to pay the additioinal ADC and the interest. His long standing fight earned this additional revenue for Orissa BSNL. Let us applaud him.

10.03.2011: Some of the affected senior members filed a case in Cuttack CAT in the year 2009 challenging the revision of seniority list for 147 numbers of the-then junior executives. The verdict came a day before. Click here for the judgement.

07.03.11: CS wrote to the CGMM ETR Kolkata for request transfer cases and spoke for that. Click for letter.

04.03.11: CS wrote to GS for request transfer and postings cases and other issues. Click here for details. Letter-1, Letter-2.

03.03.11: CS along with BS-BN met CGMT Orissa and discussed about few request transfer cases, utilisation of space avaiolable in BSNL establishments, Retention of Com. N. Dandpat and early DPC for officiating in executive cadre that was not beeing issued. Click here for the letters: Letter-1, Letter-2, Letter-3.

01.03.2011: Congratulation for Sri Babulal Murmu, SDE OFC(m) ETR, Jhumuritiliya; Bihar who was overstaying. He was on out-circle posting for 2years but his order was beeing delayed. CS took up the issue with CGMM ETR very seriously and his order was issued at last. He is posted to Keonjhar OFC his natiove place.

23.02.11: CS along with BS-BN took up meeting with CGMT-OR and discussed about request transfer cases and facilities to serve in declared tenure places in Orissa. Also discussed on occupation of 3R quarter by TWO in Sambalpur. Click for the letters. Letter-1, Letter-3 , Letter-2.

21.02.2011: Rourkela branch organised their branch conference in Rourkela ina grand fashion. BS submitted his report and was accepted. Click here for the letter. CS and CWC-M cum Adv-CHQ com. S.K.Dalai attended the conference. CWC-M answered to different points asked by the members. CS in his report emphacised on organisation and its importance. Com. R.C,Khandei, Com. A.K.Roy and Com. A.K.Nayak were elected as President, B.Secy and Fin secy for coming tenure.

18.02.2011: A circle office bearers' meeting is held today at Bhubaneswar.The following resolutions were passed::
1. A CEC meet is scheduled at Puri on 20th Martch-11. All the circle office bearers, branch president and secretaries must reach before 8AM. Arrangemenmts will be done for stay from 19.3.11 to 21.3.11.
2. All the branch secretaries, organising secy are requested to see that the quota must have paid upto date. The diary bill must have been paid.
3. Call a general body meeting before coming to the CEC, bring resolutions if any.
4. Branch body whose 2years tenure is over are requested to complete the annual conference.

17.02.2011: CS along with two active members visited Mobile shelter of heavily loaded one and found convenient space to accomodate two split ACs that was objected by CE(E). A very strong letter was issued to the CE(E) with copy to the CGMT-OR. Click here for the letter.

09.02.2011: CS wrote to GS for place of posting for Sri Kamraj Das, AO in nearby circle. Click here for the letter.

09.02.2011: CS along with CWC-M took a serious meeting with CE(E) and discussed about the utilisation of a huge No. of ACs. Administration was pre3ssurised not to go for fresh purchase.

08.02.2011: It is reported by alert comrades that EE(E), Bhubaneswar is going to issue Purchase Order(PO) for 100 No. of 2ton WAC though more than 700 WACs are lying idle with them. CS spoke to CGMT and CE(E) to stop and review. CDS has written letter to CEE and taken time to meet tomorrow. Click here for the letter.click here for the letter.

05.02.2011: Rourkela branch is going to hold their annual conference on 20.02.2011. CS and CWC-m cum Adv(L)-CHQ are going to attend it.

04.02.2011: A special general body meeting was organised by Keonjhar branch today at Keonjhar where all the members were present. CSA attended the meeting. Since Preside3nt was transformed and other office bearers of the old body was not taking care of the branch actively a new body is formed as per concesus of all the members. Com U. N. Sahu, DE ETR KNJHR and Com Ashok Kumar Nayak, JAO, o/o TDM KNJHR were elected as President and branch Secy respectively. Others of the body remains unchanged. CS welcomes the new body and also three new members. CS discussed all the burning issues on the Association and advised on various issues related to the branch.

15.01.2011: CS met AGM(L), AGM-staff for various issues related to time bound promotions, officiating cases and court cases. Transfer case of Amit Pal is issued from Rourkela to Kolkata TD.

06.01.2011: CS met the AGM-staff and discussed about the reveiwed DPC in lateral promotion case of ASTT converted JTOs. They informed that it is under advance stage.

04.01.11: CS, CWC-M and BS-BN greeted the CGMT and GM CFA on new years eve with flower bookey and association diary

03.01.2011; CS, President, CWC-M and other delegates returned after attending AIC-KOL. The list of delgets and office bearers who attended the conference are:

Sl. Name capacity
01 N.Damdpat President
02 B D Nath C S
03 SK Dalai CWC-M
04 H K Dash Del-BN
05 K C Jena Del-BN
06 K N Sahu BS-BN
07 M R Das Del-BN
08 B D Panda Del-CK
09 BN Khilar Del CK
10 AK Khilar BS-DKL
11 SK Jena BS SBP
12 PR Pradhan Del SBP
13 P K Das BS KPT
14 N K Das Del BLS
15 P Panda del BN
16 G Mangaraj Del BN
17 L Hota Del BF
18 S Panigrahi BS BF